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Published on
March 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Gym Group Glasgow South?

The Gym Group Glasgow South presents a mixed reputation based on the latest customer reviews. On the positive end, the gym is appreciated for its range of equipment, cleanliness, friendly and knowledgeable staff, especially personal trainers like Ajay, and the atmosphere conducive to workouts. Classes are highly rated, being suitable for different levels of ability, making a favorable impression on members seeking a comfortable and personable environment. However, there are notable concerns affecting the overall customer experience. Recurring themes include dissatisfaction with maintenance issues—equipment is often reported as out-of-service or not properly serviced, with slow repair times. Concerns over the gym's hygiene practices, particularly the lack of sanitising materials and the cleanliness of frequently used machines, have been highlighted as significant drawbacks. Additionally, pricing changes and the removal of certain amenities have led to discontent among some members, suggesting a decline in perceived value over time.

Positive Feedback

The Gym Group Glasgow South receives commendation for facilitating a friendly and approachable gym environment, crucial for member retention and satisfaction. Instructors and staff play a pivotal role, with personal trainers like Ajay receiving special mention for their expertise and personable nature. The gym also stands out for its range of equipment and classes that cater to various fitness levels. Members appreciate the cleanliness of the facility, which, combined with a good variety of equipment, offers an encouraging setting for regular workouts. Positive experiences relating to the atmosphere, customer service, and effective personal training sessions contribute significantly to the gym’s positive aspects, with individual staff members like Lauren and Dom being highlighted for their contribution.

Concerns and Threads

While The Gym Group Glasgow South sustains positive sentiment in certain aspects, significant negatives arise in customer feedback. Equipment maintenance and hygiene practices are central to customer complaints, with reports of broken or poorly maintained machinery causing inconvenience and disruptions to workout routines. The lack of readily available sanitising spray, paper towels, and hand gel has been criticized, with a particular member highlighting health and safety concerns, potentially suggesting a gap in the gym's commitment to cleanliness. Equipment cleanliness and the overall freshness of the gym also receive critique. Furthermore, some members have pointed out that the gym has seen a decline in features and a loss of highly-regarded personal trainers, which, combined with increasing fees, contribute to a perception of degrading value.

Frequently asked questions about The Gym Group Glasgow South

What kind of equipment is available at The Gym Group Glasgow South?

The Gym Group Glasgow South offers a variety of equipment suitable for a range of workouts, including cardio machines, resistance machines, and free weights. While there's a satisfactory selection, there have been requests for more plate-loaded machines and feedback on equipment servicing.

Are there any hygiene concerns at The Gym Group Glasgow South?

Some reviews express concerns over hygiene practices at the gym. There are mentions of inadequate provisions for sanitizing the equipment and some individuals have found the equipment to appear grubby. Potential members may want to assess the current hygiene measures before joining.

Do staff and personal trainers at The Gym Group Glasgow South receive positive feedback?

Yes, the staff and personal trainers at The Gym Group Glasgow South often receive positive reviews for being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Personal trainers, such as Ajay, are highlighted for their effective training methods. The approachability and teachability of instructors like Lauren and Dom are frequently mentioned as positive aspects of the gym.

What are customers saying about The Gym Group Glasgow South

The Gym Group Glasgow South
Dr Usman Haq
5 months ago
Decent gym. Been going here for several years. Could benefit from the water coolers and machines being fixed quicker. And maybe consider some new dynamic equipment.
The Gym Group Glasgow South
Neil Bracknellgate
3 weeks ago
Joined this morning, attended for the first time this afternoon and cancelled membership as soon as I left. I've used many gyms for over 25 years and this is the first one that doesn't offer paper towels and sanitising spray or even hand gel. I was shocked that an environment like this hasn't even got the basics covered. I've been in other budget gyms and they provide these. I'm aware people are supposed to carry towels (I only saw 1 guy out of roughly 60 with a sweat towel). Even if every member used a towel it would only dry the equipment, not sanitise it. We all know that not everyone washes their hands after the toilet, they then go out into the gym and touch all the equipment and the gym provides nothing that would allow you to clean the equipment before using it? It's utterly disgusting. So equipment will be covered in sweat, bacteria, covid and that's deemed acceptable? No wonder the equipment looked grubby. Even if there was a cleaner there 24/7 (didn't see one at all) it still wouldn't be any good because some equipment is popular and used by one person after an other. Now, if the visible basics of health and safety aren't being met, are the things we don't see being kept up to standard? I'm aware you want to claim to be carbon neutral, if that's the case you could at least provide spray and we could use our own towels to wipe. I understand businesses want to increase profits, but it doesn't mean you should be dropping health and hygiene standards to achieve that.
The Gym Group Glasgow South
Creative Chr1s
3 months ago
Been a member for years and as budget gyms go it’s great. But like most I feel it’s over saturated in cardio machines when it could benefit from more plate loaded machines. The water cooler/fountain trickles out which I feel is intentional to have people pay extra for the flavoured water machine you pay extra for. It takes them too long to fix broken machines which can be annoying
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