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Published on
March 19, 2024
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March 19, 2024

What do customers think about Temple Newsam?

Temple Newsam enjoys a robust and positive reputation among customers, based on the analysis of recent reviews. The overarching sentiment is one of enchantment with the beauty of both the house and its extensive grounds, whatever the season. Reviewers frequently mention the venue's suitability for a diverse range of activities, including leisurely walks, family outings, pet-friendly excursions, and even special events such as weddings and sponsored walks. Accessibility features like free parking and public transport proximity have been noted favorably. Another recurrent theme is the appreciation for the knowledgeable and friendly staff, enhancing the visitor experience. The presence of a vegan-friendly cafe, scenic walking paths, and diverse attractions such as a farm, gardens, play areas, and a GO APE Ariel course add to the venue’s allure. However, it is important to consider that these views are formed from heterogeneous individual experiences, and it is essential to review a wider range of feedback for a comprehensive evaluation of the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Temple Newsam overwhelmingly centers on the estate's stunning aesthetics and variety of attractions. The venue's well-maintained gardens receive special praise, with visitors appreciating the chance to see flowers in full bloom regardless of the season. The historical house itself is described as surprisingly expansive, and the behind-the-scenes access during special events like weddings adds an exclusive touch. The staff receive commendations for their helpfulness and informative tours, creating an engaging and welcoming environment. Facilities such as the café are noted for their inclusivity, offering dietary options like vegan meals, and the different play areas and parklands are a hit with families and pet owners alike. The additional attractions, including a farm with animals and a GO APE aerial course, and the availability of ample free parking, contribute positively to the visitor experience, suggesting that Temple Newsam offers a fulfilling and accessible day out for individuals and families.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of customer feedback for Temple Newsam is positive, there is a limited amount of data in the reviews provided to draw conclusions about negative experiences. However, it can be inferred that visitors must be aware of the house's opening times to avoid disappointment, as one reviewer mentioned visiting on a day it was closed. There is also a mention of limited free parking specifically near the house, which might suggest potential difficulties in finding parking during busier times. Additionally, public transport to the venue involves a scenic, yet possibly lengthy walk, which may not suit all visitors' preferences or abilities. It is worth noting that the specifics and frequency of any such negative comments are not fully represented in the provided reviews, so any conclusions should be taken with caution and understood within the broader context of overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Temple Newsam

Are there dining options available at Temple Newsam for visitors with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Temple Newsam features a café that offers a range of dietary options, including vegan choices, to cater to guests with various dietary needs.

Is parking available at Temple Newsam, and if so, is there a cost associated with it?

Temple Newsam provides ample free parking to visitors. However, it should be noted that the closest parking to the house might be limited.

Can guests bring their pets to Temple Newsam?

Yes, Temple Newsam is pet-friendly, especially in the vast parklands and woodlands, which are ideal for dog walking and other pet-related activities.

What are customers saying about Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam
Ra Ra
5 months ago
Beautiful indoors and outdoors. We've visited the house previously, but went back on a Monday (house closed) to explore the grounds. Absolutely beautiful to walk around, a gorgeous garden in good bloom even in mid September and a nice friendly cafe with lots of vegan options. We enjoyed our morning.
Temple Newsam
4 months ago
Went during Halloween and it was SO MUCH fun. Temple Newsam house was so much bigger than expected. Easily spend 2 hours in there looking at each room. The walk from the nearest bus stop to Temple Newsam is also so scenic. In the evening, you see people walking their dogs and hiking. Green areas are very vast and the dense vegetation looks particularly pretty in autumn! Definitely worth a visit (or many) :)
Temple Newsam
Andrew Harrison
a month ago
Period house on the outskirts of Leeds with extensive grounds and woodlands. Small pet farm, café and shop. We don't live too far away and pop along with our dog on occasion. Loads of free carparking (except the one next to the house) There's also a GO APE Ariel course on site. The grounds, parkland and Woodlands are all FREE to roam.
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About Temple Newsam

Grand residence filled with priceless art & antiques set on parkland with a working farm.