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Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings
Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings

Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 8, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings?

Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing garners a positive reputation from the majority of its clients, with specific commendation directed at the professional quality of their services, the cleanliness of the studio, and the helpful, knowledgeable staff. Clients consistently praise the welcoming atmosphere and the meticulous nature of the artists and piercers, particularly Jenny, Logan, George De-Jesus, and Silus, who receive individual accolades for their exceptional work and customer care. Notably, the studio's adherence to safety protocols and aftercare guidance contribute significantly to its favorable image. However, there are instances mentioned in client feedback about the discrepancy in expectations regarding pricing, particularly around the cost of jewelry, which a few customers perceived as too high, despite recognizing the quality. Additionally, a singular account of service hours not aligning with posted times has negatively affected the overall customer experience for that individual.

Positive Feedback

Studio 28 is often praised for its professional and welcoming staff, with multiple artists receiving personal recognition for their excellent service. The attention to detail in both tattooing and piercing services is a recurring theme, as well as the studio's emphasis on custom design work and the ability to bring clients' visions to life. The clean, safe environment and rigorous safety protocols stand out as significant positive aspects, ensuring a trusted atmosphere for body art procedures. Comprehensive aftercare instructions are routinely provided, which contribute to client satisfaction. Moreover, many customers expressed delight in the quality and variety of jewelry options available, even if they command a higher price point, as they are often seen as an investment in long-lasting, beautiful pieces.

Concerns and Threads

While feedback is predominantly positive, some customers experienced concerns regarding the cost of services and products at Studio 28. The high price of jewelry, in particular, has been flagged as a point of contention for some, who expected more affordable options. One client expressed disappointment with the cleanliness of their tattoo lines relative to the price paid, suggesting a perceived mismatch of value. Additionally, there was an isolated incident where service hours were reportedly not honored, leading to frustration and the perception of disorganization or poor customer service. The accessibility of the studio, which is located on the 3rd floor with steep stairs, could also be challenging for some clients.

Frequently asked questions about Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings

Does Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing provide custom tattoo designs?

Yes, Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing offers custom tattoo designs. Several reviews mention artists, especially Jenny, creating perfect designs that successfully bring clients' visions to life.

Is the jewelry at Studio 28 reasonably priced?

The cost of jewelry at Studio 28 may be higher than some customers expect, with several reviews noting the price to be on the higher side. However, the quality and variety of the jewelry are also highlighted positively, suggesting the cost is commensurate with quality.

Are safety protocols and studio cleanliness a priority at Studio 28?

Yes, studio cleanliness and safety protocols are a top priority at Studio 28, as mentioned in numerous reviews. Piercing equipment and jewelry are sterilized, and the studio is described as spotless with impeccable safety measures in place.

What are customers saying about Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings

Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings
Ella O'Connell
a month ago
I’ll start off by saying that I love the design, it was a perfectly fine appointment ,and everyone was very nice. I payed a bit over $200 dollars for this tattoo and in my personal opinion I feel like the tattoo should have cleaner lines for the price. My artist Jenny did a great job creating the perfect design off of what I gave her and she brought my vision to life which I really appreciate. I have many other tattoos from much cheaper shops that have done really wonderful clean pieces for me but I saw great reviews for Studio 28 and Jenny’s work looked great so I thought I would splurge for my dream tattoo but I don’t think I’ll be coming back for anything else. Nonetheless, I love my tattoo and am very thankful to Jenny for creating a design I love. Service: Tattoos
Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings
Jonathan Fox Powers
2 weeks ago
I finally, at the tender age of 36, got my ears pierced. The entire experience was amazing. Everyone there is extremely knowledgable, kind, and welcoming. Moreover, the place is spotless, and they have impeccable safety protocols not only in their services they provide, but in the jewelry on offer as well. Logan was great. Highly recommended!
Studio 28 Tattoos And Piercings
Yorlis Cintron
2 months ago
Was in New York for a trip and decided to get pierced here and absolutely the best decision I made! I had called ahead and let them know I’ve had previous bad experiences with other locations and get nervous being pierced, and they were so kind and suggested I book an appointment with a longer time limit so I could take my time being comfortable. They spent a while making sure I got a piece of jewelry I absolutely loved and within my budget and made sure I never felt rushed at all. I got my mid cartilage pierced by Logan and he was so nice and encouraging and described everything he did before doing it and he did such an amazing job I barely felt it. Whenever I’m back in New York I will definitely be coming back for my next one! Service: Ear piercing
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