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Published on
March 4, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Splash Painting & Decorating?

An analysis of customer reviews for Splash Painting & Decorating reveals a highly favorable overall company reputation. Michael, the individual frequently mentioned, is praised for his exceptional attention to detail and professionalism. Customers consistently report satisfaction with the punctuality, trustworthiness, and quality of the decorating work performed. The work is described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘professional high quality,’ suggesting a standard of craftsmanship that exceeds expectations. The timeliness of interactions, from quotes to the completion of the work, is also highlighted as a strong point. Although not the least expensive option available, the value delivered appears to be appreciated by clients, with many expressing a clear intent to rehire for future decorating needs. There is a repeated mention of Michael taking precautions to keep the workspace clean and minimizing disruption, which contributes positively to customer experience. The decorating services cover a broad range including wallpaper hanging, interior painting, and wood painting are repeatedly endorsed.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for Splash Painting & Decorating are numerous. Punctuality and reliability are consistently commended, indicating that the company values customers' time and schedules. Quality of work is a central theme, with Michael's craftsmanship being singled out for high quality and attention to detail. Price is considered fair and competitive, with several testimonials asserting good value for services rendered. Trustworthiness is emphasized, with multiple reviews noting the ease and comfortability of having Michael work independently in their homes. Customer service also stands out, with Michael notably responsive, communicative, and accommodating, particularly in arranging quotes and scheduling work. The professional conduct, cleanliness, and thoroughness of the job completion have engendered a sentiment of high recommendation among customers.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominance of positive feedback, there are subtle indications of areas where customer expectations may impose challenges. One review touches on cost, suggesting that while not the cheapest, the quality renders the price justifiable implying a premium service charge. This might be a concern for cost-sensitive customers seeking the most economical options. There are no explicit negative experiences detailed in the reviews provided, yet it is important to recognize that consumer perceptions of value can vary, and premium pricing could potentially be a deterrent for some prospects. However, the absence of clear negative feedback suggests that any such concerns are minimal when compared to the overall customer satisfaction experienced.

Frequently asked questions about Splash Painting & Decorating

What range of services does Splash Painting & Decorating offer?

Based on customer reviews, Splash Painting & Decorating offers a wide array of services including interior painting, wallpaper hanging, wallpaper removal, wood painting, and specialized finishes like lime-wash. The company has been recognized for tackling various rooms and projects with precision and professionalism.

How does the company handle scheduling and customer communication?

Splash Painting & Decorating is reported to be very responsive in customer communication. Michael is highlighted for promptly setting up quotes and being accommodating in scheduling the work. Throughout the process, from initial contact to completion, clear and reliable communication is emphasized as a standard practice.

What kind of reputation does Splash Painting & Decorating have regarding cleanliness and tidiness?

The company is consistently praised for its cleanliness. Reviews highlight precautions taken to protect furniture and surfaces during the work process, as well as thorough cleaning and tidying post-completion. Customers frequently mention the effort to minimize disruption, underlying a commitment to maintaining a clean work environment.

What are customers saying about Splash Painting & Decorating

Splash Painting & Decorating
Ajmal Farooq
a month ago
We found Michael on google following his glowing reviews. After having a bad experience with another decorator, we were on the lookout for another decorator to complete our house and needed it doing fast. Michael’s work is brilliant and his attention to detail is something else!! He is punctual, very well priced and is trustworthy (can be left to get on with his work) we got Michael to complete our whole house including Lime-wash in our main bedroom - which came out fantastic. Going forward, Michael will be our number one choice to contact for decorating.
Splash Painting & Decorating
a year ago
Michael has done a great job painting our home! He was punctual, did a professional high quality job. From quote to completion the whole process was done in a matter of weeks. Good value also, we will have him back in the future if we require any other rooms painted.
Splash Painting & Decorating
5 months ago
Michael did an excellent job painting our kitchen with great attention to detail. He protected all our furniture and appliances when working and left it usable each evening which was great. Would thoroughly recommend and look forward to getting more of our house done by Michael in the future. 5 star and all-round nice guy.
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Splash Painting and Decorating is West Didsbury, Manchester based company, providing a complete decorating service in South Manchester area. We offer a fully qualified and insured service that incorporates expertise, friendly advice and quality workmanship.