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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Speakeasy School of English?

The Speakeasy School of English has garnered positive reviews, reflecting a generally favorable reputation among its customers. Many students have experienced significant improvements in their conversational skills and English proficiency. The transformative impact of the Callan Method stands out as a consistent theme, wherein the technique's repetitive and immersive nature garners both praise and criticism. Notably, the approach hinges on self-study prior to class participation, which is highlighted to maximize the method's effectiveness. Teachers receive recognition for their attentiveness to pronunciation and grammar, contributing to an improved learning experience. However, the school's curriculum appears less engaging for advanced students, suggesting a better alignment with beginner to intermediate levels. Classroom dynamics are complemented by the small class sizes and the opportunity to engage with international peers, enhancing the overall learning environment.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Speakeasy School of English centers around the Callan Method's effectiveness, which has evidently been successful in helping students make rapid progress in English. This method receives commendations for the active learning process it entails, involving constant engagement through questioning and immediate correction by capable and approachable teachers. Additionally, the immersive environment and repetitive techniques are highlighted as catalysts for improved listening and speaking abilities. The social aspect of the school is also positively regarded, with small classes allowing for better teacher-student relationships and the chance to meet people from various backgrounds, enhancing the learning experience. The school's signature approach to teaching and the perceived value for money contribute to its favorable reputation.

Concerns and Threads

The school's application of the Callan Method, despite being largely appreciated, does not come without criticisms. The method, described as dependent on rigorous self-study and repetition, might not cater to every student's learning style and can be perceived as monotonous, particularly by more advanced students. For those above the B2 level, the prescribed approach may seem unrewarding and lacking challenge, potentially leading to disengagement. While the method is lauded for conversation and basic communication improvements, there may be gaps in addressing the diverse needs of higher-level learners, who may require more complex and comprehensive curriculum offerings from the school.

Frequently asked questions about Speakeasy School of English

Is the Callan Method suitable for all levels of English learners?

The Callan Method is particularly effective for students ranging from beginner (A1) to upper-intermediate (B2) levels. It focuses on improving conversational skills through repetitive practice and active engagement. However, advanced students may find the method less challenging and may need to seek alternative courses to suit their learning needs.

What can I expect from the class size and teacher attention at Speakeasy School of English?

Speakeasy School of English maintains small class sizes, which allows teachers to focus more on individual students. This setup is intended to provide more personalized feedback on grammar and pronunciation, fostering a supportive learning environment.

How are the self-study components integrated into the learning process at Speakeasy School of English?

The school emphasizes the importance of self-study prior to class sessions. This approach is intended to reinforce the classroom learning experience, with students preparing beforehand to fully engage with the Callan Method during classes. Adequate self-study is recommended to optimize the benefits of this method.

What are customers saying about Speakeasy School of English

Speakeasy School of English
Yuliya Panarina
5 years ago
My mother was the one who attended this school while she was visiting me in London for two week. I was astonished by the progress she made over the course of these two weeks! Just for you to understand, she has been learning English for the last 3 years, but was not able to speak at all!!! After these two weeks she managed to overcome her fear and started to communicate with waiters and our neighbors (just a basic conversation, but still huge progress for her!!!) however, this method requires you to spend a lot of time going through materials yourself before the class!! Otherwise it is useless!!!
Speakeasy School of English
Peter Tong
2 years ago
The teaching method in this English school is the best I have ever encountered. Most English schools are free to communicate with classmates. No one knows whether they speak well or not, so it is difficult to make progress. But the teachers in this school will keep correcting students' pronunciation and grammar, and they will keep listening to teachers asking questions and answering questions in class, which is an unprecedented improvement in listening and speaking ability. Strongly recommend this unique school.
Speakeasy School of English
Viki Zemra
3 years ago
I really enjoy attending English conversation classes. Teachers are very nice and helpful. Classes are small what is important because teachers have more time to focus on you. I also met great people from another country. I learn at lot and I became more confident in my skills. Efficient school and good price.
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About Speakeasy School of English

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Speakeasy School is a small friendly language school in Chiswick, a fashionable part of West London. We teach General English using the Callan Method, and are accredited by the British Council and a member of English UK.We also offer exam preparation courses for students who prefer a more traditional way of learning. We can also arrange private lessons. Students are welcome to start their classes any day of the week, at any time of the year, with a choice of how many hours per day/ per week they wish to study. You have access to a free online learning platform to compliment your lessons in school.We offer free trial lessons and a level test to help you decide!Prices at the moment, from £45 a week : two hours a day, three times a week.