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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Sit Means Sit Dog Training?

Sit Means Sit Dog Training (SMS) appears to have cultivated a strong company reputation through its personalized and effective dog training services. Customer reviews reveal an overarching sentiment of satisfaction, primarily due to the significant behavioral improvements observed in their dogs post-training. The evaluations are predominantly positive, highlighting how SMS staff take the time to understand each dog's unique challenges and are proficient at adapting their approach accordingly. Clients repeatedly praise the attentive and caring nature of the trainers, as well as their ability to instill confidence in both the dogs and their owners. Moreover, the company’s follow-up services, such as daycare, boarding, and post-training events, are valued additions that enhance the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Customers frequently emphasize the positive changes in their dogs' behavior and obedience as a highlight of their experience with Sit Means Sit Dog Training. They appreciate the staff's personalized attention, noting that trainers take the time to listen to concerns and adjust training methods to fit individual dog needs. The training effectiveness is not only attributed to professionalism but also to the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the staff, which appears to make the dogs enthusiastic about returning. The value of post-training support is also a recurring theme, with customers expressing gratitude for the additional help and consistent follow-ups which reinforce training outcomes.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the generally positive reception, some negative aspects can be identified within customer experiences. For example, concerns about the use of training collars and the need to acclimate to them suggest that some customers might be uncomfortable with certain training tools. Additionally, the mention of needing to maintain consistency and reinforce skills at home indicates that the transfer of training from the facility to the home environment could present a challenge for some owners. Although not prevalently negative, these points add important nuance to the overall customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Sit Means Sit Dog Training

What types of training methods does Sit Means Sit employ?

Sit Means Sit Dog Training utilizes a combination of personalized and adaptive training methods tailored to the specific needs and behavior issues of each dog. Their approach often includes a mix of positive reinforcement and the use of training collars, as mentioned by some reviewers.

Can I expect my dog to maintain the improvements after training?

Most customers have observed long-term positive behavior changes in their dogs following SMS training. However, it's important to note that consistent reinforcement and practice at home are crucial to maintain the training effectiveness.

Does Sit Means Sit offer any follow-up support after training?

Yes, Sit Means Sit provides continuous follow-up support through group classes, daycare, boarding, and post-training events to help reinforce the skills learned during training.

What are customers saying about Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Sit Means Sit Dog Training
James Diaz
a week ago
Not sure where to begin ... I've always had a dog with me. My last dog was a Lab that I got at 8 weeks old. I trained and raised him to be a good-mannered dog. After 8 years he contracted cancer and we had to put him down. I didn't want another dog for a good while, but I had an opportunity to save a pittie mix from a kill shelter. It was obvious from the start that she was mistreated. She feared everything and everyone, from car doors closing to the ceiling fan being on. I was over my head, I've never adopted an adult dog before and she clearly had issues that I didn't know how to overcome. After doing my research, I contacted 3 dog trainers. 2 just threw prices at me and Sit Means Sit was only one who invited me to stop by for an evaluation. Obviously, we went with Sit Means Sit. They evaluated our dog, asked questions and listened to our concerns. I was impressed with Abby and Terra. Within a week, we saw the change with our dog and at the end of training her leash skills, recall and commands improved as well as her confidence. Very satisfied with SMS. We still take her now for daycare and will continue to do so. Totally recommend SMS. oh, and she loves the staff and gets excited every time we go back.
Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Giovanna Hnath
4 months ago
Stella is my first rescue and the first few months I had her she was a little crazy! I have seen so much improvement with her because of SMS. The staff is so awesome and Stella loves each one of them! I thought she had pretty good behavior in the house from the moment I got her but she’s much more obedient inside and ESPECIALLY outside of the house after a few months of training. Thank you guys!! Here are some photos from her pupdates :)
Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Chris Henderson
6 months ago
This team is great and very helpful. I am glad I took my girl in for training. The biggest benefit for me and my girl was their help for me to create consistency in how I lead her. I'm still working on it. They're post training events are really helpful too. They were able to help me control her tendency to think small dogs were toys and attempting to protect me when there wasn't a threat. She now knows some new commands beyond the basics. I would definitely recommend them. I had to get used to the collar. They helped me understand how to effectively use it.
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