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Published on
April 3, 2024
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April 3, 2024

What do customers think about Quads Gym?

Quads Gym enjoys a robust reputation as a bodybuilding and fitness institution with a loyal clientele appreciative of its extensive equipment selection and deep-rooted gym culture. Customers praise the gym's commitment to the legacy of its original owner, Dave, and note the positive community as well as the cleanliness and discipline concerning gym etiquette. However, there are some concerns about overcrowding, outdated or suboptimally arranged equipment, and interactions with the staff that some members perceive as unprofessional. While the gym is held in high regard for its selection of equipment and its status in the strength sports community, the feedback indicates that there is room for improvement in customer service, gym maintenance, and space optimization to maintain its esteemed reputation.

Positive Feedback

Quads Gym is celebrated for its comprehensive assortment of workout equipment, with a selection that caters to both strength and cardio training. Members take special pride in the gym's legacy and the motivational environment, highlighting the walls adorned with historical photographs of renowned athletes. The gym's culture is frequently cited as unparalleled, fostering a community where serious fitness enthusiasts can thrive, surrounded by like-minded individuals who practice exemplary gym etiquette. The positive attributes of the gym seem deeply rooted in its identity, providing a consistent workout ambiance that is rare to find elsewhere. The availability of equipment and the lack of wait times to use machines are also selling points that contribute to the customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects, Quads Gym is not without its criticisms. Some members find the facility overcrowded, which in turn leads to a less than optimal workout experience due to equipment being too closely positioned. Complaints about the upkeep of the gym's amenities, such as lack of soap in showers, absence of curtains, questionable locker room cleanliness, and dysfunctional air conditioning, negatively impact the gym's appeal. The expression of dissatisfaction with customer service, particularly poor staff interactions and perceptions of bias against individuals leaving negative reviews, highlights issues that could detract from the overall customer experience and the gym's longstanding reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Quads Gym

What type of training equipment is available at Quads Gym?

Quads Gym offers a wide variety of equipment for both strength and cardio training. They have machines from various generations, catering to bodybuilding, powerlifting, and general fitness needs. This includes but is not limited to free weights, resistance machines, cardiovascular machines, and specialty items for power lifters and bodybuilders.

Is there a supportive community environment at Quads Gym?

Yes, many reviewers highlight the supportive and serious workout atmosphere at Quads Gym. The gym is noted for its culture of discipline and respect, with members who maintain clean workout spaces and uphold proper gym etiquette.

Are there any common concerns or criticisms from members of Quads Gym?

Some members have expressed concerns regarding overcrowding, outdated or cramped equipment arrangements, and staff interactions that can feel unprofessional or unwelcoming. There have also been mentions of maintenance issues relating to the cleanliness of facilities such as locker rooms and showers.

What are customers saying about Quads Gym

Quads Gym
Kirsten Schierholt
2 months ago
I've been coming to Quads for two years now and it's by far the best gym I've ever had a membership with. The equipment selection, the community, the history displayed on the walls—there's really nothing else like it. The community was hit hard with the unexpected passing of the original owner Dave mid last year, but it's since bounced back and continued his legacy.
Quads Gym
2 months ago
APPARENTLY YOU GET BANNED FOR BAD REVIEWS. This place was great but it’s become flooded with too many ppl and some of the workers here make me feel like they have it out for me and give me dirty looks. It’s just extremely unprofessional and creates an unwelcoming environment for the money I pay for this gym. Not to mention most equipment here is outdated but still works very good. The space is not optimized either. At some point you’re working out shoulder to shoulder with strangers. I noticed they tried revamping the space by moving stuff around but it didn’t work. It’s def the gym to go to if you don’t care about any of that but I’ve had my fill here. I’ve been here 3 years and def won’t be renewing anymore after the month.
Quads Gym
2 years ago
Dave is a great guy, he's incredibly easy to speak to. The sign up is a smooth and quick process that doesn't include arduous cancellation processes like other gyms. What's really important about this place though is the culture that resides here. It is THE BEST gym I have ever been to. If you want to seriously get in shape and be surrounded by others who want to do so as well, this is your first and last destination. You're surrounded by others who friendly, serious about working out, and have very good gym etiquette. Nobody leaves weights laying on the floor, everything is put back into place, bars are stripped and everyone washes their station down after usage. This sounds like a minor gripe, but I've been to gyms where people think it's OK to just leave stuff around - this isn't the case at Quads. There's MORE EQUIPMENT then you can ever possibly imagine - seriously, Dave is basically an Iron Porter and has new machines developed to push you coming in on what feels like a weekly basis. You're never going to find yourself waiting for machines. Each floor is packed wall to wall with tools to improve and use. This includes cardio and strength training. On top of it, you've got history on every wall from over the decades of the great power lifters and bodybuilders who have utilized Quads Gym throughout their careers. Huge motivation to leave the locker room and see photos of Arnold and Ed Coan pressing real weight. I know this is a long read but if you're considering it at this point, stop by and just see for yourself. Dave has truly built a special place that will be a real destination for a long long time.
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Weight lifting is the focus of this roomy gym also offering cardio equipment & classes like boxing.