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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about On The Move Entertainment?

Evaluating the reputation of On The Move Entertainment through recent customer reviews reveals a consistent pattern of high satisfaction and enthusiasm among clients. The company specializes in providing live music and various entertainment services for events, with a particular focus on weddings. Consistent themes highlighted in the feedback include the exceptional quality and versatility of the performances, professional conduct, and the ability to elevate the atmosphere of the events. On The Move Entertainment’s bands, such as Synergy and The New Millennials (TNM), receive particular praise for their dynamic presence and ability to engage the audience, leading to a packed dance floor and an energetic environment. Additionally, the staff's helpfulness and the seamless planning process contribute to the overall positive experience, distinguishing the company as a preferred provider in the entertainment market.

Positive Feedback

Client feedback for On The Move Entertainment underscores several key positive aspects of the organization. The bands like Synergy and TNM are frequently mentioned as pivotal in enhancing the event's ambiance through stellar musical performances that demonstrate both technical proficiency and passionate showmanship. Highlighted is the band's seamless song transitions and repertoire variety, which keeps celebrations lively. The professionalism and personal touch from the team, including individuals like Darren, Rocky, Gabe, John, Vanessa, Kat, Josh, Ilana, Julia, and DJ Loyal are particularly commended for making clients feel valued and ensuring entertainment components integrate smoothly with event dynamics. The ability to customize experiences, as observed with unique offerings like aerial violinists and pixel poi artists, adds uniqueness to events, leaving lasting impressions on guests.

Concerns and Threads

While there are overwhelmingly positive reviews, the data provided does not include any significant negative customer experiences or criticisms. The absence of negative feedback in this dataset indicates either a genuinely high level of customer satisfaction or a potentially non-representative sample of reviews for On The Move Entertainment. However, for a comprehensive understanding of the company's service quality and potential areas for improvement, access to a wider range of reviews, including any critical ones, would be necessary. This analysis is based solely on the available positive feedback and hence does not identify any negative aspects of customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions about On The Move Entertainment

What types of events does On The Move Entertainment cater to?

On The Move Entertainment specializes in a wide array of events, with a strong focus on weddings. They also cater to corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties, offering customized entertainment experiences.

Can On The Move Entertainment customize the entertainment offering for specific event themes?

Yes, On The Move Entertainment is noted for their ability to create unique and tailored entertainment sets. They collaborate with clients to ensure the performance aligns with the event's theme and the host's vision, showcasing acts like aerial violinists and special musical arrangements.

How do clients describe their experience with the process of working with On The Move Entertainment?

Clients describe their experience with On The Move Entertainment as seamless, professional, and stress-free. They highlight the staff's helpfulness and responsiveness from the planning stages to the execution, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable event experience.

What are customers saying about On The Move Entertainment

On The Move Entertainment
Julian Ribinik
2 months ago
We recently had the pleasure of having a band from On The Move Entertainment at a wedding, and I can't praise them enough. The music was incredible, setting the perfect mood for the whole day. Each song flowed seamlessly into the next, keeping the energy up and the dance floor packed. The band members were not just musicians; they were performers who brought an infectious enthusiasm to their show. Their singing was spot on, hitting every note with emotion and power that resonated with all of us. It was evident that they love what they do, and that passion spilled over to every guest. The professionalism and talent displayed by On The Move Entertainment are worth every accolade. They played a huge role in making the wedding a memorable event. If you're looking for a band that will bring energy, talent, and an unforgettable music experience to your event, look no further than this team. Julian
On The Move Entertainment
Mary Klein
3 months ago
I used Synergy from on the move as my wedding band and it was hands down the BEST wedding band I’ve ever heard. So many people came up to me and asked for the band name and information to use for their own events and said it was the best band they’ve ever heard. I would recommend Synergy time and time again! Truly made the day spectacular! Every single person was so thoughtful, kind and easy to work with and the band/staff felt like part of the wedding and brought the party to life!
On The Move Entertainment
Haleigh Hammer
4 months ago
THANK YOU Darren, Rocky, Gabe, John, Vanessa, Kat and the entire On the Move team for making every step of the process seamless and easy. Working with On the Move was the absolute best experience from beginning to end. Highly recommend reaching out for all of your entertainment needs. They collated the best entertainment experience from strings at the ceremony to a trio at cocktails to a rockstar band at the reception and an amazing DJ during the after party for us. The quality of service and professionalism they give is top tier. Everyone can’t stop talking about how amazing the band was, shout-out to TNM for partying with us and dancing the night away. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day so special with your incredible talent!!
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On The Move’s exclusive roster of talent includes some of the most sought after live bands, intimate unique ensembles, and full scale orchestras. On The Move’s immersive division curates one-of-a-kind experiences featuring awe-inspiring line-ups of theatrical, musical and specialty performers.Over the course of an illustrious 30 year history, On The Move has produced and collaborated on thousands of events for discerning clients around the world.