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Published on
January 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Moreyoga Brixton?

The overall reputation of MoreYoga appears positive based on recent reviews. Customers praise the variety of yoga styles offered, competent instructors, and adaptability of classes for all levels, which collectively contribute to a highly regarded customer experience. The affordable pricing, especially in London's competitive market, is frequently highlighted as a distinguishing factor. Moreover, the convenient class schedules accommodate varying personal commitments, further cementing the company's appeal. Recurring themes in the feedback include the quality of teaching, the welcoming and comfortable studio environment, and the effectiveness of the sessions in promoting relaxation and fitness. Despite these strengths, there are minor operational issues such as occasional maintenance problems with facilities, which slightly mar the customer experience but are not viewed as deal-breakers.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects frequently mentioned in customer feedback include the studio's cozy atmosphere, the extensive range of classes catering to different yoga styles, and the experienced and engaging teachers. Customers appreciate the adaptable nature of the classes, making yoga accessible for all proficiency levels. The class schedules are also reported to be flexible, enabling yoga practice to be integrated conveniently into customers' varying lifestyles. Additionally, reviewers express satisfaction with the affordability of MoreYoga's services, noting this as a significant advantage over other studios in the area. The holistic experience, encompassing aspects like meditation and yoga practice, is celebrated, and specific classes and instructors receive special commendation for their excellence.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, the reviews reveal certain negative aspects that affect MoreYoga's customer experience. Some operational shortcomings such as issues with air conditioning and toilet facilities are mentioned, and although these are not considered major obstacles, they do detract from the overall satisfaction of some clients. These infrastructural issues reflect areas where MoreYoga could improve to enhance its service delivery. Nonetheless, such feedback appears to be the exception rather than the norm, indicating that these are isolated incidents rather than widespread problems.

Frequently asked questions about Moreyoga Brixton

Are MoreYoga classes suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike?

Yes, MoreYoga offers classes that are adaptable for all levels, with teachers providing options to suit individual capabilities, making it an inclusive environment for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Is MoreYoga affordable compared to other yoga studios in London?

According to customer reviews, MoreYoga is considered to provide affordable pricing options, particularly in comparison to the general market rates of yoga studios in London.

Does MoreYoga offer a wide variety of classes and flexible schedule options?

Yes, MoreYoga is known for its extensive range of yoga classes across different styles and flexible timings that work well with diverse schedules, catering to those with variable work and travel commitments.

What are customers saying about Moreyoga Brixton

Moreyoga Brixton
Alessandra Maggioni
2 weeks ago
Very nice and cozy yoga studio. Many many classes with different styles. All teachers are very competent and always try to give options to make it suitable to all levels. Extremely good prices compared to all other yoga studios in London!
Moreyoga Brixton
Mandi Maripise
2 months ago
I’ve done yoga on and off for years, however I’ve found that the three months so far of practising at this studio as my base (as well as a few across the city) has levelled my yoga practise up. The teachers are engaging, passionate and professional. The range and timings of classes worked well for my schedule which changed a lot due to travel and work commitments.
Moreyoga Brixton
Eleanor Matheret
3 weeks ago
I have been going to MoreYoga for two years. Great location and variety of class - my favourite one remains Tuesday evening. The most affordable option to practice yoga regularly in London. Highly recommend!
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With 35 London locations to choose from, and over 1000+ classes a week - MoreYoga is London’s most affordable yoga on your doorstep. Dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, MoreYoga welcomes everyone to our spaces to discover the positive impact yoga will have on your life - both physically and mentally. Whether you are a beginner or have been practising yoga for years, we have classes to suit every level and flexible pricing options to suit every budget.