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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Keestone Events?

Keestone Events has garnered high praise from clients, reinforcing a strong reputation in wedding planning services. Reviewers consistently highlight the exceptional organizational skills, attentiveness, and dedication of the planners including Kendall, Stephanie, Kelly, Tzahhia, Sarah, Brittany, Skylar, and Hannah. They are commended for their problem-solving capabilities, ability to manage highly stressful situations, and their capacity to execute a seamless event, particularly in instances of urgency or unexpected challenges. Keestone's planners are described as compassionate, friendly, and professional, building trust and providing emotional support to clients. The adaptability and coordination which Keestone Events showcased, especially during times of unforeseen changes such as date postponements, is particularly emphasized. Clients have valued the tailored planning options, including a la carte services and month-of coordination. Planners from Keestone are portrayed as integral to the creation and execution of their clients' desired wedding experiences, contributing to an overwhelmingly positive customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Keestone Events' positive feedback is anchored by the planners' excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to realizing their clients' dream weddings. Customers have repeatedly praised their planner's foresight and proactive approach to managing potential issues. Furthermore, the agency's ability to maintain stability and composure during critical moments, such as handling emergency situations discretely, has left a profound impact on clients. The personalized attention given by planners like giving design advice, managing logistics, and providing emotional support has been invaluable to clients. Keestone's inclusivity of flexible services, such as tailored a la carte offerings and comprehensive month-of coordination, has been particularly appreciated by clientele seeking various levels of assistance. Overall, Keestone's planners are viewed not only as service providers but as essential partners in the planning process.

Concerns and Threads

Based on the available reviews, there are minimal to no negative aspects mentioned regarding Keestone Events. All reviewers provided highly positive feedback and shared detailed instances of the planners' exceptional service. If any negative experiences exist, they were not included or expressed in the shared comments. Given the absence of critical feedback in the provided data, it's possible that any negative experiences, if they occurred, were either an anomaly or not significant enough to be mentioned by the reviewers.

Frequently asked questions about Keestone Events

Can Keestone planners manage unexpected changes or emergencies?

Yes, Keestone planners are highly praised for their ability to handle unforeseen changes or emergencies efficiently and discreetly, ensuring the wedding proceeds flawlessly despite potential obstacles.

Does Keestone Events provide personalized wedding planning services?

Yes, Keestone Events offers personalized services tailored to each client's unique needs, including full planning, month-of coordination, and a la carte options to assist with specific aspects of the wedding.

How do clients feel about Keestone's planners' involvement in their weddings?

Clients feel incredibly positive about their planners' involvement, often describing the planners as passionate, like part of the family, and integral to the success of their special day, contributing largely to the stress-free and enjoyable experience.

What are customers saying about Keestone Events

Keestone Events
Leah Duncan
4 weeks ago
Because I'm a type A person and my wedding was more of a small, intimate dinner than a huge party, I initially thought I didn't need a wedding coordinator. How wrong I was!!! There are little things that come up with weddings that you just have no idea about. Kendall, our coordinator, was INCREDIBLE. Organized, such a pro, had my back, and completely on top of everything. There were so many moving parts and logistics that day and she juggled them all... Finding a new spot to put the strings players for my ceremony when they wouldn't fit in the room. Advocating for me with a contract issue that came up the day of the wedding. Holding tables for us for the after party when I couldn't reserve the bar I wanted. She even helped me wrangle my 4 dogs and put them in outfits so they could go down the aisle! Everything was above and beyond. Beyond being organized, Kendall is also such a genuinely kind, thoughtful, and wonderful person - I truly loved working with her. I'm sure that all of the planners at Keestone are great, but if Kendall is available your day, I can't recommend her highly enough. She is sweet, smart, and always calm - she is who you want there. Sarah, the owner who I had my consultation call with who introduced me to Kendall, was professional, super nice, and I knew from that first call that she totally got the aesthetic/vibe of the wedding I was going for and that I could trust her and her team. Thank you Kendall and everyone at Keestone for making my wedding such a perfect day!
Keestone Events
Stacie Shirley
2 months ago
Words can't describe what an amazing job Stephanie did for my daughter's wedding. We are pretty organized people to begin with but Stephanie was always one step ahead of us which took all the pressure off of us and allowed us to enjoy the process and, of course, the wedding. She also was quick to offer any additional assistance that was needed. She always had a point of view on anything we discussed which was very helpful. And then she found a way to make it all happen exactly how my daughter envisioned. It felt like she was part of our family and I can't thank her enough for all that she did! I highly recommend Stephanie and Keystone for any event!
Keestone Events
McKenna Shirley
2 months ago
I had the best experience planning my wedding with Stephanie. I am a very type A person, so when it came to picking a wedding planner I was worried I wouldn't find someone as organized and detail-oriented as I knew I would be. I feel so lucky to have found Stephanie, as she exceeded all my expectations. She was on top of everything and I never once worried about something not getting done, or forgetting something. It was easy to quickly build trust with her and know that she would make decisions with my best interest and the interest of my dream wedding in mind. Having her input was invaluable as we went through the planning process. We really benefitted from her extensive experience when it came to vendor selections, logistics, and due dates for different items. I never once worried that she and her team wouldn't deliver on all we had worked on, and truly felt no stress on the wedding day. Stephanie is an amazing planner, but also an amazing person whom I truly loved getting to know and work with. I would highly recommend her to any bride looking for someone to bring their dream wedding to life, and to minimize the stress while doing it. While I hope to never have another wedding, I do hope I have another opportunity to work with Stephanie again!
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