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Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.
Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.

Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc. Reviews Summary

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February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.?

San Francisco Gynecology, INC.: Katherine L. Gregory, MD appears to have built a commendable reputation, with a majority of the customer feedback skewing positive. The practice is frequently lauded for its attentive and personable staff, including both Dr. Gregory and PA Mary Tindle. Patients feel well taken care of, noting the thoroughness in appointments and a sense of being treated as individuals with unique health needs. However, there are instances of negative experiences, including perceptions of unprofessional treatment and dissatisfaction with administrative aspects like parking and communication. Recurring positive impressions include the professionalism, kindness, and caring nature of the staff, with Mary Tindle receiving separate commendations for her conduct during appointments. Conversely, there are severe criticisms highlighting a contrasting experience involving a lack of empathy and support during distressing situations.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects revealed through customer feedback center around the commendable patient care provided by San Francisco Gynecology, INC. Patients have consistently praised the practice for its great team, notably highlighting PA Mary Tindle's warmth, efficiency, and the level of comfort she offers during visits. The practice is perceived as supportive, understanding, and caring, with a distinct recognition for treating patients as more than just numbers. Front desk staff have been noted to be friendly and accommodating, contributing to a professional and welcoming environment that resonates well with the patients. Testimonies reflect a sense of trust and satisfaction with the quality of care, prompting recommendations and long-term commitments to the practice.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the influx of positive reviews, San Francisco Gynecology, INC. has not been exempt from criticism. Some negative experiences have been voiced, including a particularly distressing account where a patient felt mistreated during a panic attack. Another patient reported rudeness from staff over the phone concerning parking queries and persistent, unwelcome appointment reminders despite attempts to unsubscribe. These isolated reports of insensitivity and administrative frustrations mar the overall customer experience and suggest areas where the practice could improve in terms of patient communication and emotional support during appointments.

Frequently asked questions about Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.

What services does San Francisco Gynecology, INC. offer?

San Francisco Gynecology, INC. offers a range of gynecological services including wellness check-ups, pap smears, annual exams, and other routine care for women's health.

Is the staff at San Francisco Gynecology, INC. approachable and patient-friendly?

Many reviews highlight the staff, particularly PA Mary Tindle, as warm, kind, and personable, creating a comfortable and friendly environment for patients.

Have there been any reports of negative experiences at San Francisco Gynecology, INC.?

While most feedback is positive, there have been isolated instances of negative experiences, emphasizing a need for heightened empathy and professionalism in patient interactions.

What are customers saying about Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.

Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.
stephanie tate
4 days ago
The team is great and instead of being rushed through my appointment the PA spent a lot of time understanding my health and needs. Plus she’s warm and friendly. More providers could take note on this last part. I was treated like a person not just a patient.
Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.
Barbara Hebert
2 weeks ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Gregory for many, many years and I have been well taken care of on every visit. My current visits are wellness check-ups, and I see Mary Tindle. She is very efficient and makes me comfortable during my visit. I appreciate her attention to keeping my record up-to-date. I would recommend the office without hesitation.
Katherine Gregory, Md, Mph - San Francisco Gynecology, Inc.
Samantha Gonzalez
6 months ago
Great experience! Dr. Mary was kind and personable and made an experience I usually dread, more pleasant. She was very informative and made sure to answer any questions I had. Everyone was nice at the office.
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