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January 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about John'S Of Times Square?

John's of Times Square is generally regarded as a celebrated pizza establishment nestled in a historic church offering a quintessential New York City experience. The restaurant enjoys praise for its unique ambiance, complete with stained glass windows and high ceilings that contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. The service is consistently described as friendly and efficient, enhancing the dining experience along with the lively, family-friendly environment. Furthermore, the pizza, characterized by its thin-crisp crust and coal-fired preparation, is repeatedly highlighted as a standout offering. Fresh toppings and a diverse menu with Italian-American classics complement the pizza selection. However, there are scattered criticisms regarding food consistency, with occasional mentions of dishes served not at their optimal temperature, and the pricing is sometimes viewed as too high, particularly concerning pizza toppings and beverages. Despite these criticisms, the overall reputation of John's of Times Square appears robust due to its culinary quality and historic charm.

Positive Feedback

Customers repeatedly commend John's of Times Square for its unique combination of historic charm, welcoming atmosphere, and delectable pizza. The setting within a former church with characteristic décor and architecture is frequently mentioned as an appealing feature. The pizza receives high marks for its thin, crisp crust and the use of fresh ingredients and robust flavors. The coal-fired ovens are noted for adding to the authenticity of the taste experience. Staff service is an asset, with reviews often pointing to the friendly and prompt attention provided. Consumers appreciate the reasonable pricing given the restaurant's location in the heart of Times Square and the overall quality of the food offered.

Concerns and Threads

While John's of Times Square carries a predominantly positive reputation, some patrons report less-than-ideal experiences. There are mentions of food items such as ravioli being served cold in the center, which signifies inconsistency in food preparation. Pricing is a recurrent point of contention with some customers feeling certain items, including pizza toppings and beverages, are overpriced. The crust of the pizza—at times described as too soft or not achieving the desired 'crispiness' despite requests—has also been a cause for dissatisfaction. During peak times, the restaurant experiences heavy traffic, suggesting that waiting times can detract from the overall customer experience. Additionally, the restaurant's strict policy of selling only whole pies, not slices, has been noted as a potential inconvenience for some patrons.

Frequently asked questions about John'S Of Times Square

Does John's of Times Square offer slice sales or only whole pizzas?

John's of Times Square sells only whole pizzas; they do not offer pizza by the slice. Patrons looking to enjoy their pizza will need to order a whole pie.

Is the restaurant suitable for large groups or family gatherings?

Yes, John's of Times Square offers a communal and family-friendly atmosphere suitable for both intimate dinners and larger, lively gatherings.

Considering its location, are the prices at John's of Times Square reasonable?

Despite being situated in the bustling Times Square area, prices are generally considered reasonable by patrons, reflecting the quality of food and dining experience provided by the historic ambiance.

What are customers saying about John'S Of Times Square

John'S Of Times Square
Swapnil Vernekar
2 weeks ago
John's of Times Square offers a quintessential New York City dining experience with its historic ambiance and delectable pizza. Housed in a former church, the restaurant's unique setting adds charm to the dining atmosphere. The star of the show is undoubtedly the pizza. Prepared in coal-fired ovens, the thin-crust pizza boasts a perfect balance of crispiness and flavor. The toppings are fresh and generously applied, making each slice a delightful experience for pizza enthusiasts. The interior of John's exudes a vintage feel, with high ceilings and stained glass windows creating a warm and inviting space. The communal seating arrangement adds a communal, family-friendly vibe to the dining experience, making it suitable for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings. The staff at John's contributes to the overall positive experience, providing friendly and efficient service. Despite its popularity and location in the bustling Times Square area, the restaurant manages to maintain a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. While the restaurant is known for its pizza, the menu also offers a variety of Italian-American classics, catering to a range of tastes. Prices are reasonable considering the prime location and the quality of the food. In summary, John's of Times Square is a must-visit for pizza aficionados and anyone looking to savor a slice of New York's culinary history. The combination of delicious pizza, historic ambiance, and friendly service makes it a standout dining destination in the heart of Times Square.
John'S Of Times Square
Melinda Cotton
a week ago
For our first night in NYC, we asked our hotel clerk where to get some good New York pizza and he recommended John’s. It was Sunday night of a 3-day weekend and the place was packed and we had to wait. By the time we were seated, we didn’t have time for pizza, so we ordered fried ravioli and pasta with vodka sauce. The ravioli were cold in the center, but the pasta more than made up for that. John’s Vodka Sauce is absolutely amazing!!! We enjoyed John’s so much that we returned the next night to actually have pizza which was wonderful. The service is great and the food was incredible! Don’t miss out on John’s!
John'S Of Times Square
Captain Midnight
3 months ago
We visited John's of Times Square on the advice of my Sister in law, who visits when she's in New York City. The restaurant is housed in an old church, with four brick pizza ovens installed on the back wall on two floors. There is a nice bar up front when you walk in, and a nice large dining room in the rear of the building. We started with some locally made lager beers on tap and a big, beautiful antipasti salad. The drinks and salad were served promptly by our server. The salad was crisp and delicious, with lovely little pinwheels of Soppressata and mozzarella. The house-made dressing was superb... Tangy and tossed perfectly into the salad. Mains were two large pizzas...One was pepperoni, mushrooms and (according to my bride) "REALLY GOOD sun-dried tomatoes". My pie was meatballs and pepperoni. Both pizzas had crispy, flavorful crusts, robust marinara sauce and ample toppings. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get over to John's of Times Square, but don't try to pop in for a slice.. Only whole pies are sold here 😁
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Famous 1997 eatery serving trademark thin-crust pizza in a soaring Times Square former church.