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What do customers say about Huntington Learning Center Of Houston?

As of Feb 16, 2024, 24 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Huntington Learning Center Of Houston's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Huntington Learning Center West University Place reflect a dichotomous customer experience. Several parents and students earnestly praise the center for its impactful tutoring services, noting marked improvements in academic performance and test scores, as well as increased confidence in learning. Tutors like Danny, Mitchell, and Janelle receive specific commendations for their dedication and effectiveness. On the contrary, there is an alarming account of professional lapse—where an appointment for an evaluation test was scheduled and the center reportedly did not open, thereby wasting clients' time. Such negative incidents severely tarnish the reputation of the institution and suggest possible inconsistencies in operational reliability. Beyond this outlier, the overall sentiment tilts positively with success stories seemingly overshadowing the singular negative experience relayed.

Positive Feedback

Customers generally highlight several key positive aspects of Huntington Learning Center West University Place. Notably, parents and students report significant improvements in academic performance, such as increased ISEE and SAT scores and better grades in school subjects like math. The center’s flexibility with scheduling and personalized, need-based learning experiences are commended. Furthermore, the improvement in students’ self-confidence is a recurring theme, with many attributing this to the quality of the teaching staff. Tutors at the center are not only described as experienced and knowledgeable but also as invested individuals who genuinely care about students' educational growth.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the numerous accolades, Huntington Learning Center’s reputation is not without blemish. One deeply troubling negative aspect is the report of a complete no-show by the center for a pre-scheduled ACT evaluation test. This incident portrays the center as unreliable and disrespectful of clients’ time, raising concerns about their professionalism and commitment to service. The absence of immediate remedial action or an offer to reschedule further exacerbates the situation, leaving a particular customer wholly unsatisfied and mistrustful of the establishment. This negative experience, although isolated within the context of the reviews, is substantial enough that it can influentially skew potential customers' perceptions.

Frequently asked questions about Huntington Learning Center Of Houston

What kind of academic improvements can I expect for my child at Huntington Learning Center?

Customers have reported significant improvements in areas such as ISEE and SAT test scores, better grades in subjects like math and science, and a general boost in academic confidence.

How flexible is Huntington Learning Center with scheduling?

Many reviews praise the center for its flexibility in scheduling, finding it accommodating and willing to work with clients' timetables for tutoring sessions.

Are there any reported concerns about reliability with appointments at Huntington Learning Center?

There has been an instance of an appointment where the center did not open as scheduled, leading to questions about operational reliability. However, this seems to be an isolated incident within the otherwise positive feedback.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Huntington Learning Center Of Houston

Huntington Learning Center Of Houston
Biviana Sorenson
2 weeks ago
DO NOT USE THIS PLACE. Scheduled ACT evaluation test two weeks in advance and no one showed up to open the facility. Wasted my time and my daughter’s time. Completely unprofessional. Had no solutions on making up the tested. Not a good way to run a business. Extremely disappointing. Do not use this place. It does not value you, your time or your child’s future. Would rate a 0 but had to select one star to be able to comment and leave review.
Huntington Learning Center Of Houston
Dana Stewart
2 months ago
My daughter recently tutored at Huntington and not only loved it but also improved her ISEE Test scores substantially!! They were super easy to work with and VERY flexible with our schedule. We will definitely be back for future test prep tutoring.
Huntington Learning Center Of Houston
4 months ago
My son has drastically improved in all his classes. More importantly his confidence in academics has skyrocketed. He has accomplished a lot in a fairly short amount of time. I’m very pleased with everything Danny and Mitchell have done for my son. I highly recommend Huntington Learning Center to anyone whose child has potential that needs some guidance.
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