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What do customers say about Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings?

As of Feb 23, 2024, 3336 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings present an overall positive company reputation with a few isolated incidents of dissatisfaction. A recurring theme across the testimonials is the commendation of individual artists' expertise and the quality of artwork. Customers express appreciation for the attentiveness to detail, personability, and the ability to deliver tattoos that meet or exceed their expectations. Notably, the tattoo parlor's environment is described as welcoming and comfortable, enhancing the overall customer experience. Complaints are minimal but do highlight instances where communication regarding pricing seemed unclear, resulting in a negative experience for at least one customer. Additionally, there is a singular report of fading ink, which could be indicative of either aftercare issues or application technique, but stands as an exception rather than a rule among the reviews.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently praise the artists at Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings for their talent and professionalism. The artists are lauded for their gentle touch, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to create custom designs that satisfy the clients' requests. Additionally, the shop's atmosphere is frequently mentioned as being welcoming and conducive to a positive tattooing experience. Notable customer service includes effective communication throughout the tattooing process, ability to speak different languages, and the provision of touch-up services, which are perceived as adding value to the customer experience. Moreover, reviews mention successful piercings with minimal pain and good healing outcomes, further enhancing the shop's reputation for service quality.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, there are some concerns raised by customers. The primary issue revolves around inconsistent pricing communication, where a customer was quoted a price before the service and then charged a higher amount upon completion. This points to potential discrepancies in pricing policies or their communication. Another isolated negative feedback references fading ink on a tattoo that was well cared for, suggesting either an anomaly in the application or ink quality. However, such negatives are few and have not largely impacted the overall favorable perception of the shop.

Frequently asked questions about Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings

Are the tattoo artists at Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings able to handle custom design requests?

Yes, many customers report that the tattoo artists are highly capable of creating unique custom designs, incorporating personal references and artistic suggestions.

Do customers need to schedule an appointment for a tattoo, or does Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings accept walk-ins?

While appointments are likely recommended, several reviews indicate that Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings does accommodate walk-ins, depending on the artists' availability.

Can I expect a clear communication regarding tattoo prices at Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings?

Most customers report satisfactory interactions, but there have been instances of unclear pricing communication. It is advisable to discuss and confirm the price upfront before the service is rendered.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings

Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings
Trinity Wallace
2 months ago
We got there at 11:45 and as soon as a artist walked in they asked us what we wanted and who was the best at which tattoo we were getting I got mine by a different artist than my family because it was flowers but he was amazing. Very gentle. He didn’t speak fluent english but he did an incredible job on my two new flowers. There was so much detail he also used the ipad and drew the flowers on there and made it to where I could fill a space in. He was so sweet. I am originally from arizona but live in texas. If I was to visit again and want another tattoo definitely will be back! Miles was amazing as well. We had a great conversation while my mom got her tattoo done. My mom’s tattoo was amazing. I didn’t have miles but he did amazing. I recommend this place no matter what. It’s also black friday weekend and tattoos were 50% off I payed 250 for the tattoo not including tip and it would have been originally 500 dollars!
Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings
Devon Vericker
a month ago
My daughter wanted a very meaningful tattoo and after a lot of research we found Grand Avenue Tattoo and couldn't be more impressed with the entire experience. Everyone there was super nice and personable. The environment is very welcoming and comfortable. The tattoo expertise we experienced is second to none. Sikes was the tattoo artist who worked his magic on my daughter (this was in Jun'23). We came back two days ago for a free touch-up that really makes the tattoo pop! While there my daughter got two more tattoos from Sikes that came out exactly as expected. As an added bonus, if he's brave enough, we'll all go skydiving together tomorrow to celebrate her 18th birthday! Come on Sikes...let's do this. :)
Grand Avenue Tattoo & Piercings
SWITCH Beignets,Cajun Boiled Peanuts and More
a month ago
I had a great time getting my first tattoo done. Service was amazing as well, Christian did a fantastic job with my rose tattoo, and he was very communicative during the whole process. If he is in town I would definitely book him again.
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Experience the Best Tattoo and Piercing Shop in Phoenix, AZ at Grand Avenue Tattoo. Our skilled artists specialize in a range of styles including portrait, lettering, color, cover-ups, and custom tattoos. With over seven years of experience, we've been providing top-quality tattoos and piercings to satisfied clients from all over Arizona for nearly a decade. Our loyal fan base speaks for itself!We take pride in being among the top-rated parlors in the area, and it's all thanks to our passion for what we do. We truly love our craft, which means you can trust that we always give our best work. Our modern facility utilizes state-of-the-art autoclaves and sterilization procedures to ensure the safest methods are used at all times.