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As of Apr 17, 2024, 8 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024

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First Psychology Glasgow's customer reviews analysis

First Psychology Glasgow presents a mixed but generally positive company reputation based on the customer experiences noted in the latest reviews provided. Clients appreciate the professionalism, quality of therapy, and the expertise of specific therapists, with commendations for their supportive roles in handling grief, trauma, and personal challenges. Positive experiences highlight therapists who are professional, provide valuable tools and advice, and display an open-minded approach throughout the therapeutic process. Conversely, some feedback reflects significant dissatisfaction concerning logistical aspects of the service, including miscommunication by the reception and issues around billing. Notably, concerns about responsiveness to negative feedback, evidenced by a perceived generic response to contact the office, suggest a potential area for improvement in customer service. These diverging experiences indicate that while the expertise and personal engagement of therapists are key strengths, administrative processes and customer care require attention to enhance the overall client journey and maintain reputation.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of First Psychology Glasgow, as highlighted by client testimonials, include a high level of professionalism and exceptional quality of therapy. Specific therapists such as Dr. Gerald McNinch receive commendations for expertise in their field, underpinning the value placed on individual therapist capabilities. The positive impact of therapy is also emphasized, with therapists providing valuable tools, advice, and maintaining an open-minded stance that supports clients on their mental health journey. Clients who have had favorable experiences express that the support they received significantly contributed to their personal growth and recommend these services enthusiastically, positioning these aspects as vital tenets of the organization’s success.

Concerns and Threads

Several key negative aspects of the customer feedback focus on administrative and service-oriented shortcomings. Complaints include incorrect information provision by reception staff and a perception of being driven by commercial objectives rather than client needs, casting a shadow on the organization's client-centric ethos. Additionally, mentions of financial dissatisfaction, such as overcharging without reimbursement and session timing issues, raise concerns about value for money and professionalism. The generic response to negative reviews urging dissatisfied clients to reach out via phone further contributes to the impression of a possibly inadequate conflict resolution protocol, suggesting a potential weakness in the company’s customer service approach.

Frequently asked questions about First Psychology Glasgow

Are the therapists at First Psychology Glasgow accredited?

First Psychology Glasgow has therapists who may be accredited, but as per one of the provided reviews, it is advised that clients directly confirm the accreditation status of their assigned therapist with the clinic to ensure their credentials meet specific needs and expectations.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Ideally, the first appointment at First Psychology Glasgow is designed to understand your issues and discuss how therapy might help you. However, based on mixed reviews, experiences may vary, and clients should clarify the structure of initial consultations prior to sessions.

How responsive is First Psychology Glasgow to negative feedback?

The response to negative feedback tends to be an invitation to discuss issues over the phone. If you encounter any problems, proactively reaching out for a resolution might be beneficial. However, the effectiveness of follow-up on such feedback may vary.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for First Psychology Glasgow

First Psychology Glasgow
7 months ago
I have been a client of First Psychology for almost two years and have found the professionalism and quality of therapy offered by my psychotherapist to be exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Confidentiality prevents me from naming the psychotherapist I've been engaged with.
First Psychology Glasgow
Paula Taggart
a year ago
Incorrect info given by the receptionist that the therapist found through her filter search is accredited with UKCP. Very clearly motivated only by filling the books, and no interest in clients' needs. I also notice all negative reviews are responded with a generic "phone us on xxx" - not sure what good that would do?
First Psychology Glasgow
Victoria Mcmillan
2 years ago
I leave this 5 star review for Dr Gerald McNinch. I have been working with Dr Gerald McNinch for almost 3 years now after experiencing alot of grief and trauma in my life. I was recommended by my doctor This guy is the best in his field , THE ABSOLUTE BEST Some people go out and buy new clothes, or have a blowout when they feel out of sorts, my advice to you is get in touch with him and arrange an appointment.
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About First Psychology Glasgow

First Psychology Glasgow offers individually tailored therapy including counselling; psychotherapy; cognitive-behaviour therapy; couples counselling; therapy for children and young people; mindfulness-based therapies and more. We work with a wide range of people including individual adults, couples, children, families and organisations/businesses. We work with a broad range of issues and problems and we operate on a self-referral basis, although we are happy to receive referrals from health professionals too.