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What do customers say about Elm Street Tattoo?

As of Mar 20, 2024, 524 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

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Elm Street Tattoo's customer reviews analysis

Elm Street Tattoo maintains a reputation accentuated by a mix of positive experiences and occasional dissatisfaction as reflected in recent customer reviews. The positive sentiment is largely driven by the satisfaction with the artistry and professionalism of specific tattoo artists such as Oliver Peck, Jesse Whitley, Ian Jones, and David Nash. Clients commend these artists for their skill, efficiency, and ability to translate personal stories into art, contributing to an overall calming and welcoming environment. Nevertheless, there are instances indicating potential operational and customer service shortcomings. Some customers reported experiences where they perceived unfair pricing, felt a lack of flexibility in artist availability, or encountered what they felt were dismissive attitudes. Such feedback suggests a dissonance between expectations due to the shop's reputation and some patrons' actual experiences.

Positive Feedback

A closer inspection of positive feedback for Elm Street Tattoo reveals several high-caliber attributes that resonate with customers. Firstly, there's frequent praise for talented artists who not only exhibit technical finesse but also possess the interpersonal skills to create a comfortable and engaging experience, as seen in customers' interactions with artists like Oliver Peck, Jesse Whitley, and Ian Jones. The second notable aspect pertains to the artists' ability to effectively translate client visions into personalized and meaningful tattoos, with an emphasis on creating designs that hold sentimental value. Additionally, clients appreciate the studio's efficiency in service delivery and smooth operation, particularly when compared to past experiences. These attributes, coupled with friendly staff and reasonable pricing, invigorate the overall customer experience, reinforcing the studio's standing within the community.

Concerns and Threads

Contrarily, Elm Street Tattoo's negative reviews illuminate several areas of concern which affect the establishment's reputation. A recurring theme points to perceived inconsistencies in pricing, with some clients expressing shock at quotes that notably surpass industry averages, particularly for simple designs. This is compounded by instances of customer service that some perceive as lacking, including reports of inflexible scheduling and dismissive attitudes from staff, potentially invoking a perception of elitism. Additionally, feedback mentioning an artist’s heavy-handed technique and resultant discomfort underlines personal experiences that can deter repeat patronage. Such grievances, especially when juxtaposed against the shop's renown, suggest an imperative for Elm Street Tattoo to reconcile its service delivery with customer expectations to maintain its esteemed position in the market.

Frequently asked questions about Elm Street Tattoo

Are the prices at Elm Street Tattoo negotiable or set?

Pricing at Elm Street Tattoo appears to be set by the artists, but there are customer reports indicating prices that some found unexpectedly high. It's recommended that potential clients discuss prices directly with the artists beforehand to clarify and agree on costs.

Can I book an appointment with a specific artist at Elm Street Tattoo, or is it first-come-first-serve?

Elm Street Tattoo does allow bookings with specific artists, as customers have mentioned scheduling appointments. However, it's advisable to book well in advance due to potential demand for particular artists and to confirm the artist's availability.

Is Elm Street Tattoo able to accommodate custom tattoo designs, and how should I communicate my ideas?

Yes, Elm Street Tattoo is known to accommodate custom tattoos. Artists like Ian Jones have been praised for their thoughtful design process. Communicate your ideas by booking a consultation and providing references or descriptions of what you envision for your tattoo.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Elm Street Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo
Haley Morales
2 months ago
Oliver Peck was a great artist, I was super excited because I looked up to his artistry for years. He did an awesome job for a great price. The staff was nice and the environment is calm.
Elm Street Tattoo
Richard Para Jr.
5 months ago
5 stars for improved efficiency! Great work y'all. So much smoother than last year. Fewer people maybe? I think the artists were just on their s#!t. Great work all around. And big shout out to Jesse Whitley for doing such a rad piece so quickly but perfectly. Smiling the whole time.
Elm Street Tattoo
Kristen Thomas
2 weeks ago
I can't say enough good things about Ian Jones and his artistry. I booked a tattoo with him, and this tattoo was as a memorial for my father who passed away last year. I sent over some ideas, but I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go. Today, the day of my appointment with Ian, he sat down and talked over everything with me. The design he created is perfect and represents every little detail that reminds me of my Dad. He also is just a down to earth guy who related well with me and my husband. We will be back for more ink, and I absolutely recommend this shop and Ian.
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About Elm Street Tattoo

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Elm Street Tattoo has been serving up tattoos by walk-in and appointments for over 25 years in the historic entertainment district of Deep Ellum. Established in 1996 by Oliver Peck and Dean Williams, Elm Street Tattoo is known for its quality work and great atmosphere with over 14 resident artists specializing in American Traditional to Japanese to Black and Gray. Appointment info can be found on our website and walk-ins are available every day- first come, first serve.