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What do customers say about Electrician Techs?

As of Jan 10, 2024, 51 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 10, 2024
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Electrician Techs's customer reviews analysis

YT Electrical Services garners a consistently positive reputation based on the customer reviews provided. Customers have highlighted the quality and thoroughness of work as standout attributes of the service delivered by the company, particularly praising the flexibility and responsiveness of Yordanys and his team. Repeat themes in the reviews center around the professional conduct of the staff, punctuality, and the ability to efficiently handle complex tasks, such as emergency repairs after lightning damage, or adroitly managing older electrical systems. Immediate attention to urgent needs and accommodating last-minute requests also appear to be a regular part of their customer experience. Overall, customers express a high degree of satisfaction and are inclined to recommend YT Electrical Services to others.

Positive Feedback

YT Electrical Services is highly commended for its professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness. Reviewers consistently note the company’s willingness to accommodate emergency requests and its ability to provide solutions for challenging electrical issues, demonstrating Yordanys’s expertise in dealing with both modern and old apartments. Customers appreciate the company's punctuality, thorough inspections, and detailed explanations, contributing to a sense of trust and peace of mind, particularly during stressful situations such as post-lightning strike repairs. The owner's personal involvement in providing detailed quotations and attending final inspections signals a high level of dedication to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews shared are overwhelmingly positive, there is little to no mention of negative customer experiences with YT Electrical Services. It is difficult to extract explicit negative aspects without concrete examples in the feedback. However, any potential for criticism is speculative, and the lack of negative feedback might speak to the company's commitment to service excellence. Prospective clients seeking information on possible areas for improvement may wish to seek additional reviews or directly inquire with the company for a comprehensive understanding.

Frequently asked questions about Electrician Techs

Can YT Electrical Services handle urgent electrical service needs?

Yes, according to customer reviews, YT Electrical Services is highly responsive and accommodating to last-minute requests. They are willing to adjust schedules to address emergency needs promptly.

Does YT Electrical Services have the expertise to handle complex electrical issues?

Absolutely. The feedback indicates that Yordanys and his team are knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle a variety of complex electrical problems, including those related to older apartments and emergency repairs after lighting damage.

Are Yordanys and the team at YT Electrical Services reliable and trustworthy?

Yes, based on customer testimonials, YT Electrical Services is known for punctuality, professionalism, and delivering services in a trustworthy manner. Customers note the peace of mind they experience when working with the company.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Electrician Techs

Electrician Techs
Sophia Kanavos
4 months ago
YT Electrical is my go-to electrician and who I recommend to all my friends and family that ask. Their installations are always done in the highest quality with the utmost care and patience. They are flexible and willing to work with their clients (like me, who is a mess in life) and go above and beyond to deliver the best customer service and satisfaction. I actually cannot say nicer things about any company/servicer/professional I have worked with in the past. If you’re looking for a seasoned pro, this is the company for you. They even squeezed me in today when I called them last night for a last-minute installation that I wanted done before the weekend. Yordanys, you are my hero! Services: Electrical parts assembly, Electrical wiring installation, Installation, Light fixture installation, Electrical outlet & switch repair, Electrical fixture installation
Electrician Techs
Lisa Greenbergcohen
4 months ago
After having some challenges with our new lighting fixtures, we were recommended to YT Electrical Services. Yordany came to our rescue. He did an excellent job, and most importantly was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him and his services. LG Cohen
Electrician Techs
Joanna Gunderson
3 months ago
Excellent value for a very knowledgeable electrician who quickly installed our light fixture and provided needed feedback on the challenges we are facing with wiring in an old apartment. We will reach out to Yordanys for future electrical needs Service: Light fixture installation
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YT Electrical Services is a family-owned and operated electrical contracting company specializing in maintenance, new construction and renovations in the residential, commercial and industrial space. Our company is fully licensed and insured and currently serves the five boroughs of New York City and New Jersey.