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As of Mar 14, 2024, 90585 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Edinburgh Castle's customer reviews analysis

Edinburgh Castle maintains a strong reputation as a significant cultural and historical landmark, with reviews commonly highlighting the richness of its history, the breadth of its exhibits, and the beauty of its architecture. Visitors express high regard for the site's ability to house a diverse range of artifacts including the renowned Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny. They also frequently commend the panoramic views of Edinburgh afforded by the castle's vantage point. Reviews suggest that customers generally feel they receive good value for the cost of admission, with several recommending dedicating 3-4 hours to fully appreciate all that the castle has to offer. Notably, the positive experiences are often supplemented by the use of guiding materials such as maps or audio tours, and suggestions to prebook tickets to avoid crowds. Customer feedback also frequently praises the clean facilities, helpful staff, and the overall state of maintenance of the castle.

Positive Feedback

The overwhelming positive sentiment from visitors is focused on Edinburgh Castle's status as a treasure of Scottish heritage. Highlights from customer feedback include the extensive range of exhibits and the depth of historical information available, which is particularly appreciated by those with a keen interest in learning. The inclusion of the Scottish Crown Jewels and military history exhibits within the castle enhances the educational experience. Visitors are consistently impressed by the dramatic views of the city and praise the staff for their friendliness and helpfulness. The availability of restrooms and the cleanliness of the site add to the comfort of the experience. Furthermore, the option of guided tours is another plus, offering meaningful insights into the castle's history, and customers appreciate the serenity of areas like the war memorial.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, some visitors have noted downsides in their experience at Edinburgh Castle. A recurring critique pertains to the cost of admission, with some guests considering it expensive relative to other historical sites. This perception could be influenced by individual expectations and value derived from the visit. The castle's popularity can also lead to crowded conditions, especially during peak hours, which some visitors find detracting from their experience. Accessibility is mentioned as an area of potential concern, with steep inclines throughout the castle grounds, which might challenge visitors with mobility issues. Despite these negative aspects, it is clear that they do not heavily detract from the overall positive reputation of Edinburgh Castle for most visitors.

Frequently asked questions about Edinburgh Castle

Is it recommended to purchase tickets to Edinburgh Castle in advance?

Yes, purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended as it can be cheaper, faster, and help avoid long queues, especially during peak times.

How much time should I allocate for my visit to Edinburgh Castle?

Visitors generally recommend setting aside 3-4 hours to explore the castle thoroughly, as it houses numerous exhibits and offers extensive historical context.

Are there guided tours available at Edinburgh Castle, and are they recommended?

Guided tours are available and recommended for a deeper understanding of the castle's rich history. These tours typically last about 30 minutes and can provide added depth to your visit.

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Edinburgh Castle
a week ago
Tons to do, after you pay to get in. There are multiple buildings with a variety of informative history within. The Scottish Crown Jewels are inside as well as other valuable Scottish history. Plan for at least 3-4 hours if you really want to appreciate the castle and museums inside. The museums inside are free, included with the cost of the ticket to get inside the castle.
Edinburgh Castle
Mehdi Hoorang
a week ago
Edinburgh Castle is an awe-inspiring monument that never fails to impress me. Having visited this place three times, I can confidently say that each time I visit, it has something new and exciting to offer. This magnificent castle holds a significant part of Scotland's rich history and heritage within its ancient walls. From the Stone of Destiny to the dazzling Crown Jewels, every corner of Edinburgh Castle is brimming with fascinating tales and stories. The panoramic views of the city from the castle's ramparts are breathtaking, offering an unparalleled glimpse into Edinburgh's past and present. All in all, Edinburgh Castle is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, culture, and stunning architecture.
Edinburgh Castle
a month ago
Lovely experience visiting the castle, got to see a Burns song recital, the cannon firing at 1pm and would highly recommend visiting in the morning on the weekend and precooking tickets, by the time we left after 1pm on a Saturday it was very busy! Seeing the honours and war memorial was fantastic as well as all the other parts of the castle. Recommend getting a map or audio tour to help you navigate it and having 3-4 hours dedicated to exploring.
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About Edinburgh Castle

An 11th-century castle and barracks housing the Crown Jewels and National War Museum of Scotland.