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Published on
March 8, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Craven Scaffolding Ltd.?

Craven Scaffolding Ltd's reputation appears to be marred by significant concerns pertaining to unprofessional behavior of its employees, which is overshadowing instances of positive feedback. The recurring themes in negative customer experiences focus heavily on staff misconduct, particularly in terms of harassing the public, exhibiting disrespectful attitudes towards women, and engaging in reckless driving. Such actions conflict with the company's stated values of integrity and professionalism, and have prompted mentions of potential police involvement. At the same time, there are a few positive comments that commend the company's organization, professionalism, and quality of service, indicating that some customers have had satisfactory engagements with the company. However, these positive notes are sparse in comparison to the severity and frequency of the negative feedback, suggesting that Craven Scaffolding Ltd may need to review its staff conduct policies and customer service approach to uphold its professional image.

Positive Feedback

Despite some significant negative feedback, Craven Scaffolding Ltd has also received commendations on certain aspects of its service which must be acknowledged. Customers who had a positive experience emphasized the company's organizational skills, noting its well-coordinated operations from assessment to dismantling. Positive reviews praised their reliable service and competitive rates, and there were acknowledgements of professional behavior from some personnel. Specifically, the comments highlighted a strong work ethic portrayed by the owner, and high-quality experience observed in the staff. These reviews convey that when Craven Scaffolding Ltd executes its services effectively, it is capable of satisfying its customers with professionalism, care, and respect.

Concerns and Threads

A significant portion of Craven Scaffolding Ltd's customer feedback centers around the unprofessional and inappropriate conduct of its employees. Numerous reviews describe instances of staff harassing members of the public, with a particular emphasis on the disrespectful treatment towards women, including wolf-whistling and catcalling. Additionally, complaints about aggressive and reckless driving behavior by employees have surfaced, indicating a disregard for public safety and professional standards. These negative experiences have not only impacted individuals' perceptions of the company but have also raised concerns regarding the company's adherence to its stated values and the quality of its management. The recurrence of such complaints suggests a pattern of behavior that potential customers should consider when making purchase decisions.

Frequently asked questions about Craven Scaffolding Ltd.

Has Craven Scaffolding Ltd received any positive feedback on their services?

Yes, Craven Scaffolding Ltd has received positive remarks for their organization, reliable service, competitive rates, and the professionalism of some team members. Such feedback indicates that the company has the potential to deliver satisfactory service when company values are adhered to.

What concerns have been raised about Craven Scaffolding Ltd's staff conduct?

Concerns raised include employee harassment of the public, specifically inappropriate behavior towards women, as well as employees exhibiting aggressive and reckless driving. These behaviors have drawn criticism from reviewers and suggest a discrepancy between the company’s stated values and the actions of some employees.

Should potential customers be wary of engaging Craven Scaffolding Ltd's services?

While there are positive elements to Craven Scaffolding Ltd's services, potential customers should consider the recurrent negative feedback about employee conduct and its implications for overall professionalism and public safety before making a decision.

What are customers saying about Craven Scaffolding Ltd.

Craven Scaffolding Ltd.
4 months ago
Where do I start. I haven’t used these guys for a job but based on the behaviour I’ve seen from the employees to members of the public I never would, specifically women. Harassing and catcalling them outside of their homes from a clearly marked van, chanting / shouting in the street. It’s like a lads club. Not really living by the values stated on their website. “Integrity: we’re honourable, with moral and ethical conviction”. If I see this again I will be reporting to the police.
Craven Scaffolding Ltd.
4 months ago
If I could give 0 stars I would. It if was worth reporting this "family business" I would. All I can say is avoid at all costs. Extremely unprofessional on all counts. Not to mention the harassment they dish out to local residents in the areas they work. Obviously as a family business misogyny has been passed through the generations. I hope they realise how unsafe and uncomfortable they make people feel whilst they "work". Utterly appalling behaviour.
Craven Scaffolding Ltd.
a week ago
Trying to race cars with our work vans are we? (and unable to keep up) Know your level.
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