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As of Mar 14, 2024, 1189 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Clearabee's customer reviews analysis

Clearabee Birmingham Materials Recycling Facility exhibits a mixed company reputation based on the customer reviews provided. A recurring theme in negative feedback centers on poor service delivery, including late arrivals, inadequate equipment, and unprepared staff leading to incomplete or inefficient waste removal tasks. Complaints of lack of responsiveness to customer issues and concerns about professionalism and respect for property have also surfaced. In stark contrast, some reviews praise Clearabee’s service, highlighting experiences with professional and courteous staff who execute their jobs promptly and efficiently. This dichotomy in customer experiences points to inconsistencies in service quality, which significantly impacts the overall company reputation and customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Among the positive aspects of the customer feedback for Clearabee Birmingham Materials Recycling Facility is the presence of commendable service from courteous and hardworking staff, as reflected in several reviews. These employees were noted to carry out their tasks efficiently, with one example involving the careful removal of an old sofa without complaints. Additionally, customers appreciated proactive communication from the company, including timely updates and adherence to collections within agreed time windows. In one instance, Clearabee’s collaboration with a council for a free bulky item collection was executed flawlessly, showcasing the company’s potential for excellent service when the process aligns with customer expectations.

Concerns and Threads

Several negative aspects of customer feedback regarding Clearabee Birmingham Materials Recycling Facility emerge from the reviews. Notably, complaints about late service, inadequate preparedness, and poor communication are persistent. Customers have reported experiences of staff arriving late without the requisite equipment or personnel, leading to protracted and inefficient waste removal, and in some cases, a failure to remove items entirely. Complaints also include disrespect towards customers and properties, such as leaving rubbish scattered or causing damage to communal areas. Further exacerbating customer frustration is a perceived lack of adequate conflict resolution, with reports of the company not addressing complaints effectively, and in some cases, allegedly blocking customers seeking redress.

Frequently asked questions about Clearabee

What should I do if my bulky item is not collected as scheduled by Clearabee?

If your item is not collected as scheduled, contact Clearabee customer service promptly to report the issue. Ensure you keep any supporting documentation, such as confirmation emails and photographs, if applicable. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, escalate the matter within the company or consider seeking external advice on consumer rights.

Are Clearabee's removal teams equipped to disassemble furniture if needed?

Based on customer reviews, it appears that Clearabee's teams may not always arrive with the necessary equipment or personnel to disassemble furniture. It is advisable to clarify with the company prior to your booking whether dismantling services are included or if any additional preparations are needed on your part.

Can I expect compensation from Clearabee if their service causes damage to my property?

If Clearabee's service results in damage to your property, document the damage and report it immediately to the company. Clearabee ought to offer a resolution as per their terms and conditions. If satisfactory compensation is not provided, you may need to consider legal options for property damage claims.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Clearabee

Pandora Fluff
2 days ago
If only I’d seen these reviews before I booked Clearabee I would never have used them. One man turned up at 7.50pm with a van too small to take my old furniture. He also could not get the 2 sofas out of the room. He was complaining that he needed to get home. He promised someone would come back the next day. They did not. The men delivering my new suite (not from Clearabee) disassembled the old sofas and left them outside. It was only by doing this that they could get my new suite in. For a week now I have been trying to speak to a person at Clearabee who can deal with my complaint. They now seem to have blocked me. I paid £179 for this ‘service’. My understanding was that they would take the furniture away, in its entirety, on the given day. Appalling customer service. Do not use this company!
Claire Challis
a week ago
I read alot of the reviews on here before my old sofa was collected so was anxious about how it would go. Two men just arrived. Absolutely lovely men, both just got on with the job, no moaning, nothing. Took the old sofa out with no moans and took care to remove. Both said a lovely goodbye and went on with there day. Smashing pair of guys. Thank you
Nicola Hughes
2 months ago
My mother bought a new sofa from DFS and paid through DFS for the old one to be removed by Clearabee. They were in a rush and didn’t listen to my mother who suggested they break it down more to get out of the door. So result was this. We have ring doorbell evidence too. The removal men looked annoyed and say when my mother is out of earshot ‘We should have said no, you try and do your best for people!’ Well actually my mother paid for it to be removed, it’s not a favour by these men! Can you respond asap, I’m furious!
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About Clearabee

Rubbish Removal
With a Birmingham head office, Clearabee is the UK's largest in-house 'man and van' style rubbish removal company. We operate across the UK using our own in-house fleet of more than 150 vehicles and 300 staff. Our on-demand rubbish removal service is available nationwide and we include all reasonable labour and loading - making our service a great alternative to a traditional skip hire service. As well as 'man and van' clearance services we also offer skip bags and skip hire and can provide total waste services for business customers when required. Clearabee is multi-award winning and was ranked the 33rd fastest growth private company in the UK in The Sunday Times Virgin Fasttrack 2018.