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As of Apr 18, 2024, 37 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Charlotte Hicks Photography's customer reviews analysis

Based on the collection of provided reviews, Charlotte Hicks Photography has established a strongly positive reputation, characterized by a high level of customer satisfaction. Reviewers repeatedly emphasize Charlotte's ability to create a welcoming and comfortable environment, particularly for newborns and young children. Her professional demeanor, coupled with a special skill in handling infants, stands out as a notable strength. Customers find Charlotte patient, efficient, and responsive, with an acute ability to soothe and position babies for optimal photographs. Moreover, the quality of the resulting images is consistently praised as exceptional. The value offered for the price is also highlighted, with numerous mentions of a variety of shots provided and the provision of all necessary props and outfits. Recurrent themes include excellent communication, a speedy delivery of photos, and an overall enjoyable experience that customers are eager to repeat for future milestones.

Positive Feedback

Charlotte Hicks Photography is celebrated for creating remarkably positive experiences for clients. Key highlights illustrating this sentiment include Charlotte's exceptional talent in managing newborns and ensuring their comfort during photoshoots. The photographer's patience and calming influence are frequently acknowledged, allowing babies, and even toddlers, to settle for outstanding photo captures. Additionally, her willingness to accommodate customer requests further enhances the satisfaction level, leading to highly commendable service. The quality of the photographs receives considerable appreciation, with many clients stating that the images exceeded their expectations. Charlotte's professionalism, value for money, and efficient communication contribute significantly to creating memorable experiences that prompt numerous clients to confidently recommend her services to others.

Concerns and Threads

The aggregation of reviews provided does not present a critical mass of negative feedback for Charlotte Hicks Photography. The uniform positivity in the reviews reflects a recurring satisfaction with Charlotte's services, from the handling of the photoshoots to the quality of the finished photographs. No discernible patterns of dissatisfaction have been mentioned by the reviewers, which indicates that any negative experiences, if they exist, are not prevalent or overshadowed by the overwhelming contentment of the majority of clients. This lack of reported negative aspects highlights a strong, positive reputation for the photographer in her field.

Frequently asked questions about Charlotte Hicks Photography

How does Charlotte Hicks handle photoshoots with newborns and young children?

Charlotte is known for her exceptional ability to soothe and position newborns and young children, making them feel comfortable throughout the photoshoot. Her patience and calming demeanor are key to capturing beautiful images.

Can clients make special requests during their photoshoots?

Yes, Charlotte Hicks is accommodating to special requests from clients. She has a reputation for being flexible and attentive to the specific needs and wishes of those she photographs.

What is the turnaround time for receiving photos from Charlotte Hicks Photography?

Reviewers frequently commend Charlotte for her quick delivery of photos. While the exact timeline can vary, clients report that she provides a good amount of photos in a timely manner, with some even receiving them before specific upcoming events.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Charlotte Hicks Photography

Charlotte Hicks Photography
Stuart Barnard
3 months ago
We were first introduced to Charlotte just over 4 years ago, when a family friend paid for our first daughter’s newborn baby shoot. From the minute we stepped foot in the door we knew we were in great hands! It was smiles all round for what was an amazing experience, witnessing Charlotte work her magic with our cherished newborn daughter. She effortlessly soothed her and somehow settled her into all the relaxing positions for the beautiful photographs. At no point during the session did we feel uncomfortable, or rushed. All of our requests were met with a smile, and nothing was too much trouble for her. Charlotte is absolutely incredible with children, and I’ve no doubt she was born to do this. The photographs blew us away, and everyone that views them always comment just how fabulous they are. We have been back a number of times since, for cake smash, family shoot, another newborn shoot, and can’t wait to go back again! During our last visit she even let our eldest daughter take photos of her own, taking time out of her busy work to pose for photos at my daughter’s request. We always recommend Charlotte to anybody we can, and I would strongly urge anyone reading this not to go anywhere else!!!! Her prices are superb value for money, it’s not just a bunch of photos, but an experience you will cherish forever and I promise you will not be disappointed. If I could give 10 stars on this review I would. Charlotte - thank you as always from the bottom of our hearts, for the fun memories and for the gorgeous photographs you have created for us.
Charlotte Hicks Photography
Carla Bottomley
a month ago
I came to Charlotte for my newborn photos, she made me and my family feel comfortable, my baby was happy and content. We will 100% be back for his cake smash!! Charlotte is amazing I defiantly recommend her.
Charlotte Hicks Photography
Casey Cropper
a month ago
I highly recommend Charlotte for a photo shoot. She did a photo shoot of my new born and toddler. She was so calm and patient, she made the session feel relaxing and enjoyable while she’s capturing those memorable shots. I can’t wait to book the next session.
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About Charlotte Hicks Photography

Photographer based in Radcliffe, specialising in newborn, younger children and families.