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As of Jan 17, 2024, 591 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Captain Cyan's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the latest reviews for Captain Cyan, the overall company reputation appears to be excellent with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Feedback consistently praises the quality of the prints, describing the colors as 'rich' and 'top quality', which exceeds the standard of many other print shops. The aspects of speed and efficiency are also frequently mentioned; customers report quick fulfillment of orders, often within the same day, which is crucial for time-sensitive print jobs such as conference posters. Moreover, the delivery service is complemented for being free and fast, with the option for tracked delivery adding a layer of convenience and transparency. Customers appreciate the responsiveness and friendliness of the staff, who have been routinely cited as 'helpful' and 'understanding', addressing inquiries and issues promptly, and even accommodating last-minute changes. Instances of personal customer service, notably by staff members Becca and Josh, illustrate the company’s dedication to finding solutions to delivery mishaps. While the company's reputation is primarily positive with recurrent satisfaction in service and product quality, there are isolated mentions of minor delivery/timing issues, which were, however, addressed by customer service.

Positive Feedback

The positive customer feedback for Captain Cyan primarily highlights the exceptional quality of their prints, with clients signaling that the finished products are devoid of prints marks or scratches and are suitable for direct shipping to customers. The efficiency of service is another predominant theme; many reviews reference the rapid turnaround time, essential for urgent printing needs, and the convenience of same-day service. Free delivery is an added benefit, contributing to the overall satisfaction. The reviews also commend Captain Cyan’s customer service; staff members are described as friendly, accommodating, and eager to address any concerns or corrections—even last-minute ones. The helpful and patient guidance through various processes, including fulfillment services, underscores the company’s commitment to customer support. The review data suggests that Captain Cyan's reputation for reliability and quality, coupled with their considerate customer service, has fostered loyalty and a likelihood of repeat business.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews for Captain Cyan are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few instances of negative feedback that primarily relate to delivery and timing issues. One customer reported a 'small issue with delivery/timing' but was satisfied with the quick and effective response from customer service to rectify the situation. This indicates that while delivery protocol is generally reliable, there can be occasional lapses or miscommunications. However, the effectiveness of the customer support team in handling such cases mitigates the impact of these negatives on the company’s reputation. The rarity of negative experiences and their quick resolution suggest that these are not systemic issues but rather isolated incidents that do not significantly detract from the overall positive customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Captain Cyan

Is same-day printing service available at Captain Cyan?

Yes, Captain Cyan offers same-day printing services provided you send your request before 2 PM. You can then collect your print job by 6 PM at their store or at an office location open till late.

Does Captain Cyan offer free delivery for print orders?

Captain Cyan provides free delivery for print orders, with an additional option for tracked delivery to offer customers peace of mind and real-time updates on their shipments.

How does Captain Cyan handle issues with the quality or errors in print orders?

Captain Cyan's customer service team promptly addresses any quality issues or errors. If problems are detected, they will contact the customer to resolve the concern. The team is also accommodating of last-minute changes or updates to the print files when requested.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Captain Cyan

Captain Cyan
Samantha Jenkins
6 days ago
Awesome service! Great price, great quality, friendly people. I used them for a last minute print job for a conference poster, very speedy, will definitely be back
Captain Cyan
Viran Boyagoda
10 months ago
Great quality prints! I've been using them for a while now for my poster printing business. Colours are rich and top quality over most print shops that I have done test prints with to compare to and delivery is free and is speedy. You can pay for tracked delivery also. I have had great customer feedback so far and the quality assures me that they will be shipped to customers in the highest quality i.e no printer marks or scratches etc. Also always happy to answer any questions and concerns I have regarding orders with friendly and helpful advise. I had alot of questions regarding their fulfilment services and they walked me through the process. Overall a printer shop I can trust!
Captain Cyan
Antonio Bjo
a month ago
Great place to print posters!! I first found Captain Cyan when I was desperately trying to find a place where I could print my poster within one day and without paying an enormous amount of money. Since then, I am only printing my posters at Captain Cyan, and I tell all my friends about it :) The service is fast and friendly, reliable and I couldn't think of anything that could be better. Thank you Captain Cyan!
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London's fastest large format printers specialising in poster printing, exhibition graphics including roller banners, pop-up stands, foamboard and foamex, signage and decor applications such as custom wallpaper and personalised canvases.Captain Cyan offers a same-day printing service on orders placed by 2pm, and can deliver the same-day in London, or next-day nationwide.