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What do customers say about C&D Brooklyn Roofers?

As of Jan 09, 2024, 153 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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C&D Brooklyn Roofers's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating C&D Brooklyn Roofers through recent customer testimonials reflects a predominantly positive company reputation. The feedback suggests a high degree of professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough workmanship. The company appears to cater to urgent roofing needs with prompt service, as evidenced by their expedited reaction to a leak reported on a rainy day. Moreover, their pricing is marked competitive, with a focus on comprehensive, long-term solutions over temporary fixes. The trend suggests that C&D Brooklyn Roofers excel in several sectors, including efficient project completion, detailed inspections, and superior customer experience through personal interactions and leaving premises tidy post-service. However, there is a significant outlier concerning the handling of subcontractor issues leading to severe customer dissatisfaction, which could indicate a need for improvement in their subcontractor management and customer service resolution processes.

Positive Feedback

The positive elements of C&D Brooklyn Roofers' services, as distilled from customer reviews, include their promptness in addressing roofing issues, particularly during times of urgent need. Their commitment to carrying out a professional assessment and fixing problems is frequently lauded. Many customers have highlighted the company's meticulous craftsmanship, with special notice given to the comprehensive nature of their repairs. Efficiency finds a common mention, with work being completed within notable timelines and without leaving debris, thus ensuring customer convenience. Additionally, their fair pricing strategy, thorough communication, and well-regarded warranty are aspects that are underscored within the positive feedback, strengthening the company's standing in the eyes of their clienteles, such as real estate professionals and general homeowners alike.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous favorable reviews, C&D Brooklyn Roofers isn't devoid of criticism, with a noteworthy negative experience focused on subcontractor management. In this particular instance, a customer experienced a 'horror show' due to improper installation of a silicon membrane leading to water trapping and roof damage, followed by an absence of accountability and support from C&D Brooklyn Roofers when the subcontractor went out of business. This suggests that while C&D generally maintains a quality service standard, there have been failings related to subcontractor performance, and subsequent customer service handling that have negatively impacted their reputation. This kind of feedback points to an area in need of improvement within the company's operational framework, particularly in managing and taking responsibility for subcontracted work.

Frequently asked questions about C&D Brooklyn Roofers

What sets C&D Brooklyn Roofers apart when it comes to their repair services?

Customers have highlighted C&D Brooklyn Roofers’ attention to long-term solutions, such as thorough checks and repairs that extend beyond the immediate problem, as differentiating factors. They aim to provide comprehensive services rather than quick, temporary fixes. Efficiency and cleanliness of the job site post-service are also points of commendation.

How responsive is C&D Brooklyn Roofers in case of roofing emergencies?

C&D Brooklyn Roofers has received praise for their prompt response to emergency repair calls. They have a track record of quick assessments and swift action when clients face urgent roofing issues such as leaks during heavy rain.

How does C&D Brooklyn Roofers handle situations when a subcontractor's work results in customer dissatisfaction?

Although C&D Brooklyn Roofers has generally received positive reviews, there has been at least one instance of customer dissatisfaction linked to a subcontractor's work. The company's response in this specific case has drawn criticism for lack of accountability and adequate customer service. Prospective clients might want to inquire about the processes and guarantees in place to address and prevent similar situations.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for C&D Brooklyn Roofers

C&D Brooklyn Roofers
Krish Guerra
a year ago
C&D Brooklyn Roofers did an amazing job! In my area it has been raining for several days now and due to the heavy rain my roof started to leak. I called them this morning and in minutes someone was at my house to assess my roof. Their level of service and professionalism is just excellent. I will definitely use them again and refer them to family and friends.
C&D Brooklyn Roofers
Kathleen Owens
a year ago
Recently had our roof repaired due to a leak around our skylight. We got several quotes and their price was very comparable. The differentiating factor for us was that their price covered fixing the problem right vs a patch job that would work for now and be a problem again in a few years. They also did a thorough check across our roof and fixed a few other potential future problem spots. Highly recommend.
C&D Brooklyn Roofers
George Palmer
a year ago
I contacted five (5) roofers and I felt the level of professionalism and sincerity was greatest with C&D Brooklyn Roofers. They came out to my house and met with me personally on a Saturday to discuss my options which made the decision much less stressful. When the team arrived, they were extremely efficient and tidy. You wouldn't even know they were there. There was no roof debris left behind! I would recommend them to anyone needing their roof replaced.
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