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Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery?

Atlanta Ink: Tattoo and Piercing is receiving predominantly positive feedback from customers, contributing to its strong reputation. A primary factor in this perception is the skill and professionalism of the tattoo artists, particularly Spider, Spirit, and Ki, who are mentioned for their patience, attention to detail, and excellent execution of tattoos. The shop's atmosphere is described as clean, relaxed, and well-organized, boosting client confidence and comfort. Additionally, Atlanta Ink's special deals, like Friday the 13th specials, and their effective booking process appear to enhance the customer experience. It is noteworthy that one review mentions a negative incident involving a lengthy wait time and a subsequent refusal to issue a service. However, this appears to be an isolated case amid an otherwise commendable track record.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently laud Atlanta Ink for the talent and attentiveness of its artists, with Spider, Spirit, and Ki highlighted for going above and beyond in client consultations and tattoo execution. The clean and inviting environment of the shop, coupled with the team's friendliness and professionalism, fosters a welcoming experience for clients. Positive experiences are further supported by the shop's efficient handling of bookings and the provision of insightful advice towards design choices. Repeat business and referrals are common, underscoring a high level of trust between the artists and clientele, as seen in reviews where customers are willing to wait or travel significant distances for service.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positive sentiment, Atlanta Ink falls short on occasion, with a strikingly negative review addressing an incident of customer service failure. In this instance, a client experienced an unexpectedly long wait time despite an appointment and was further disappointed when the artist declined to perform the service. Additionally, the refusal to refund a paid deposit and a perceived unwelcoming atmosphere from the staff compounded the negative experience. Nonetheless, this appears as an outlier and not reflective of the typical customer experience at Atlanta Ink.

Frequently asked questions about Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery

What should I expect in terms of customer service during my appointment?

Most customers report excellent service with patient, informative, and attentive artists who focus on client satisfaction. However, as with any service business, occasional discrepancies in service may occur, so it's advised to communicate clearly with your artist regarding expectations and appointment times.

Can I rely on Atlanta Ink for a clean and professional tattooing environment?

Yes, reviews frequently emphasize the clean, organized, and professional setting of Atlanta Ink, which contributes to the overall positive experience.

Are the artists at Atlanta Ink flexible in working with personal tattoo designs and ideas?

Definitely. The artists have been praised for their collaboration with clients, ensuring that personal designs are perfected and offering advice on what would work best for the longevity and quality of the tattoo.

What are customers saying about Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery

Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery
Carter Aldavé
4 months ago
I love Friday the 13th and I was looking for a place to get tattooed. They were running some dope specials and had a ton of flash to choose from. The shop was clean and organized. Spider was my artist and they were so accommodating and fun! Christian also helped me on the way out with a piercing and was very good energy. I’ll definitely be back!
Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery
Jordan Roberts
a month ago
Lovely shop. I made an appointment with Spider, $100 deposit. I submitted my idea/inspiration, and once I got in for the appt we discussed it further and picked something she could draw up. Spider did a lovely job, was very kind and friendly while tattooing, and had solid pricing. It is healing well a week out and next time I’m in ATL I know exactly who I’m going to for more art!
Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery
Roull and Melissa Pena
3 weeks ago
I have been to multiple tattoo artists in multiple different states and Spirit is by far the best that I have been to. She is patient and gives so much attention to detail and made sure that everything was perfect. I designed two different tattoos for myself and my husband and she took extra time to perfect the stencils and add more detail. She didn't rush us at all and was very up front about what would and wouldn't work. My husband has started working on his sleeve and she mentioned reccomending a coworker for the style since he's mire familiar with it. I really appreciate the honesty and the respect that she shows for her clients. She reprinted each a few times to get the correct size and angle. On top of all that she's just a really cool person which is great when you're sitting for a tattoo for hours. We drive up to Atlanta twice in two days just so we could go to her. 10/10 experience and really wish we weren't moving because I would go back to her every time especially because trust is so important with something so permanent. Aside from that, the shop is clean and has a very relaxed vibe. Everyone is super friendly and it was an overall great experience.
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Atlanta Ink Tattoos and piercing studio is Atlanta’s premier tattoo studio. Our award winning artist have tattooed globally and have also had the pleasure of serving some of the biggest names in sports & entertainment. We are located in the heart of the affluent Grant park community of Atlanta, wedged between a garden and the belt line. Acting as sort of an Artistic beacon of the city we have even been honored with an official city holiday. Anybody who’s somebody in Atlanta has stepped foot in our illustrious studio to receive their tattoos or piercings!