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As of Feb 11, 2024, 158 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 11, 2024
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Alphagraphics's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of AlphaGraphics, gleaned from the reviews provided, indicates a company that excels in customer service and product quality. Customers have highlighted the company's ability to produce exceptional work, specifically noting the design and installation of signage, and the prompt, error-free printing of materials for various events and business needs. The efficacy and professionalism of the AlphaGraphics team, especially in communicating with clients and adhering to deadlines, have been consistently praised across several reviews. These factors contribute positively to the customer experience. However, there are instances of dissatisfaction, largely stemming from unresponsiveness, incorrect quotation of services, delays, and errors in order fulfillment that have led to frustration and loss of business. These mixed experiences suggest a potential variability in service quality across different locations or personnel.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for AlphaGraphics centers on several key aspects. First, the professionalism and skill of the staff, particularly individuals such as Tammy, Darlene, and Jayson, have received commendation for their communicative and helpful nature. Secondly, the quality of the final product, whether signage or printed materials, has met or exceeded customer expectations, pointing to a high standard of work. Thirdly, the company's ability to meet tight timelines and exhibit flexibility when faced with last-minute client requests has been highly valued. These attributes indicate a strong customer focus and a commitment to delivering efficient and effective services.

Concerns and Threads

Regarding the negative aspects of customer feedback, several issues have been highlighted. An instance of receiving an incorrect quote that resulted in a cost significantly higher than anticipated led to customer discontent. Additionally, mistakes in the execution of services, such as using the incorrect sticker paper, have caused inconvenience to the clients, necessitating repeat visits. A lack of timely communication, in particular unresponsiveness from a staff member, and not being forthcoming with updates or resolution post-error, has also tarnished the customer experience. The expressed lack of apology or compensation for the inconveniences has further accentuated the negative experiences, resulting in the loss of customer loyalty.

Frequently asked questions about Alphagraphics

What should I do if the quote I received does not match the final cost of my project with AlphaGraphics?

If there is a discrepancy between the quoted and final cost, we recommend contacting AlphaGraphics directly to discuss the details. It is essential to address this issue promptly to resolve any misunderstandings and ensure transparent communication.

How quickly can I expect AlphaGraphics to complete an urgent print order?

AlphaGraphics is often praised for fast turnaround times. However, it is best to discuss your specific timeline needs with them as early as possible. They can provide you with an estimate based on their current workload and the details of your project.

What recourse do I have if I am unsatisfied with the work completed by AlphaGraphics?

If you are not satisfied with the completed work, contact the AlphaGraphics team to detail your concerns. It is in their interest to ensure customer satisfaction, and they may offer resolutions such as reprinting the project or providing a form of compensation for errors.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Alphagraphics

Anthony Dillard
3 months ago
So great to work with! Tammy and her team are top notch. Made a new monument sign for my business and turned out better than I ever could have expected. Previous sign was aging and wanted to change wording/appearance. The design was incredible and install was so quick. It's hard to find good companies that do this kind of work anymore so save yourself the trouble and call Alpha Graphics. They're the best!
Caroline Niski
a month ago
Darlene was the absolute best. We needed prayer cards and pamphlets produced quickly for a funeral service. She was communicative and made sure the final products were exactly what we were hoping for. Would recommend her 10/10 times.
Sam Carothers
3 weeks ago
My company typically prints through their West Plano location but had to make a last minute switch to printing at this Dallas location. I was worried about the timeline given the unexpected switch, but this location was highly communicative and printed everything we needed before the deadline. Very thankful and very impressed.
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AlphaGraphics understands the relationship between business, marketing, printing and technology. It means we provide the best solutions for just the right reasons. Get exactly what you need, when you need it. AlphaGraphics provides first-class solutions for business needs that focus on the finest print and marketing services. We understand the value of delivering the right message to the right people with the right medium. From strategy and concept, to design and implementation, our marketing expertise is your asset. We’re experts at banners, posters, window, wall and vehicle graphics, trade show displays and more. When something needs to get noticed, we have the solution. Plan your visit today!