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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Allegro Credit?

The overall reputation of Allegro Credit among the customers providing these reviews is decidedly negative. Customers repeatedly express frustration with customer service, citing difficulty in getting responses, rude behavior from representatives, and a lack of resolution for their issues. Confusion arises from policy changes that are not effectively communicated, further exacerbating customer dissatisfaction. Concerns about accuracy in accounting, specifically in regard to incorrect charging, unreliable automatic payment deduction, and unclear balance information, signify a distrust in Allegro Credit's financial handling and transparency. Instances of customers contemplating legal action suggest a severe lack of trust and the potential for damage to Allegro Credit's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Extracting positive feedback from the provided customer experiences with Allegro Credit proves to be challenging given the overall negative context of the narratives. However, a solitary account of an initially positive business relationship indicates that there may have been satisfactory service levels in the past. This singular mention of an earlier commendable association alludes to a former operational proficiency that could potentially be regenerated. Such a lone highlight in a sea of dissatisfaction stands out, emphasizing a deep contrast with the current widespread discontent.

Concerns and Threads

Central to customer complaints against Allegro Credit is a theme of poor customer service that encompasses unhelpful and rude interactions, neglected services, and representatives' lack of knowledge. The issue is compounded by difficulties accessing reliable online services, with customers unable to log into the website to manage their accounts. Conflicting and unclear information regarding financial policies and account details, particularly relating to interest charges and loan balances, have contributed to a perception of Allegro Credit as deceptive or incompetent. These repeated negative experiences have led some customers to consider legal action and lodge formal complaints, and they call into question the company's commitment to transparency and customer support.

Frequently asked questions about Allegro Credit

How responsive is Allegro Credit's customer service?

Based on recent reviews, Allegro Credit's customer service has been criticized for not being responsive. Customers report long wait times, difficulties obtaining clear information, and experiences with rude service representatives.

Is the online account management for Allegro Credit user-friendly?

Users have indicated experiencing trouble with logging into the website and find account management to be unuser-friendly. It is advisable to verify the online functionality before relying on it for account management purposes.

Does Allegro Credit have clear financial policies and accurate accounting practices?

Customers have expressed concern over the clarity of Allegro Credit's financial policies and the accuracy of their accounting. Issues of incorrect balance reporting and misunderstanding of terms suggest the need for a meticulous review of any financial agreement with Allegro Credit.

What are customers saying about Allegro Credit

Allegro Credit
Anthony Thacher
3 months ago
Absolutely atrocious in all respects. I wish I could leave less than 1 star- t's been earned. We are(were) one of the merchants, and have had nothing but trouble in getting customer service resolution, on behalf of our patients. Do not do business, either as a merchant or a customer with Allegro Credit or Synchrony bank. We called dozens of times, waited weeks for escalated customer service responses, to no avail. The company won't give standard accounting of balances, won't answer simple questions, and seemingly don't care. I truly hope that this review prevents anyone from conducting business with this 'operation'.
Allegro Credit
Laura Eppler
5 months ago
Hoping this is not real. I took a loan for 5000.00 have made two payments and dentist refunded 3509.55. This leaves a post refund balance of 1396.55 but showing an amount due of 2147.50 and a payoff of 3755.26. Who does the math at this place. Have a call in and supposed to call back in two weeks. Trust me everyone is going to hear about this. Starting with my dental office. I pray they do not want to work with crooks
Allegro Credit
Christina Furr
4 months ago
I would never do business with this company again. It was supposed to be a contract for 12 months no interest, and the monthly amount was auto calculated wrong so when my 12 months was up, the loan amount was not paid in full. It was a way for company to trick you into paying finance charges. I'm trying to find a way to make a complaint against this company.
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