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All Star Electrical Services, Llc
All Star Electrical Services, Llc

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about All Star Electrical Services, Llc?

All Star Electrical Services LLC garners a positive reputation from customer reviews, which consistently emphasize their professionalism, thoroughness, and expertise. The reviews introduce a narrative of a company highly adept at handling complex electrical problems and providing high-quality service. One of the distinguishing features noted by several customers is the company's ability to respond quickly to inquiries and offer a prompt scheduling of services. Reviewers commend the team's communication, including clear explanation of issues and solutions as well as the cleanliness of their work, by ensuring any mess is taken care of, which has clearly contributed to customers' satisfaction. Challenges during the work, such as unexpected issues with preexisting wiring configurations, are handled competently, with the company offering viable alternatives on the spot. There is also appreciation for individual technicians by name, suggesting a personal touch to the service that enhances the overall customer experience. Notably, the recurrence of phrases like 'efficient service', 'reasonable pricing', and 'going out of the way' indicate a trend in the company's work ethic and customer relations.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for All Star Electrical Services LLC is overwhelmingly positive, focusing on several key aspects of service delivery. Professionalism is at the forefront, with clients highlighting the team's skilled workmanship, dedication to providing thorough explanations of the technical work conducted, and the professionalism displayed from the initial quote through to completion. The quick and efficient response to service requests is appreciated, and the company is specifically mentioned for their prompt and reasonable scheduling, often being the first to reply amongst competitors. The technical expertise of individual team members, evident from citations of names such as Erwin and Sigi, enhances the company's reputation, while their respectful and friendly demeanor contributes to a good customer experience. Cost effectiveness, alongside the attention to finer details like wearing booties indoors and ensuring a clean work environment post-service, further adds to the positive reception. Communication stands out as a recurrent positive theme, with numerous reviewers specifically praising the company for keeping them well-informed during the service process.

Concerns and Threads

An analysis of the reviews reveals an absence of explicit negative feedback for All Star Electrical Services LLC. Customers do not express dissatisfaction with the services provided. However, customers may have implicit expectations based on the positive trends such as swift communication, cleanliness, and professionalism that have been set. Given the absence of explicit critiques, it would be speculative to ascertain any negative aspects without further data. Potential areas of concern for prospective customers may revolve around maintaining these high standards consistently as the company scales up or manages a larger influx of clients. This could require further data collection and monitoring to ensure that customer experiences remain consistently positive across all interactions with All Star Electrical Services LLC.

Frequently asked questions about All Star Electrical Services, Llc

How does All Star Electrical Services LLC handle unexpected challenges during a project?

Based on customer reviews, the company is adept at handling unforeseen issues. They provide on-the-spot solutions and viable alternatives when challenges arise, ensuring that projects are completed effectively despite complications due to preexisting wiring or configurations.

Can I expect All Star Electrical Services LLC to be respectful of my home during service?

Yes, customers frequently cite the team's attention to cleanliness. Workers are noted for wearing booties to protect flooring and for vacuuming any mess created during the work, indicating a strong respect for customer's home environments.

Is All Star Electrical Services LLC known for timely and efficient communication?

The company has a solid reputation for excellent communication. They provide prompt responses to service inquiries, are reportedly efficient in their scheduling, and maintain good communication throughout the service process, including text updates about arrival times.

What are customers saying about All Star Electrical Services, Llc

All Star Electrical Services, Llc
Blake S
2 weeks ago
We had a great experience with All Star! We had them upgrade our circuit breaker that was incorrectly wired, install a new meter box, and run some new dedicated lines in our home. They were very thorough, provided on the spot options for some of the work we were having done, as some challenges arose due to how our house was configured and currently wired. None of the challenges were a result of their efforts/work, but they were able to pivot with options which was appreciated. Overall, we were very pleased with the communication, professionalism, and overall knowledge of the team throughout the entire process of quoting, scheduling, and the day of the work being completed. Sigi was great and very friendly the entire time he was working on our project as well. Would definitely recommend, and we will be using them in the future for any electrical work. Thank you All Star!
All Star Electrical Services, Llc
Daniel Tan
8 months ago
I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the service provided by All-star Electric. Their expertise in installing the barber pole at my barbershop was truly remarkable. From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship shone through. The result is a stunning barber pole that adds a touch of nostalgic charm to my establishment. I highly recommend All-star Electric for their exceptional service and top-notch work. Thank you for transforming my barbershop into a true standout! Service: Electrical parts assembly
All Star Electrical Services, Llc
Penny Fletcher
3 weeks ago
Our experience with All star Electrical Services was outstanding from start to finish. Excellent communication, pleasant personnel, and efficient service. Nicolette, who coordinated our service, was a pleasure to work with- great communication. Erwin, our technician, was on time, pleasant and addressed our problem efficiently. He even noticed an unrelated hazardous code issue and corrected it. Overall - would highly recommend.
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Throughout the years, All Star Electrical Services, has gained a reputation for offering high-quality electrical services, at competitive pricing Our honest and professional staff will work with you to ensure that your projects are done in a timely manner With over 15 years experience in the electrical field, our qualified electricians come to your home prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job from start to finish With All Star Electrical Services, it's done right the first time. We value our customer's homes and treat them as though they were our own We clean up and leave your property as we found it. In the end, it's all about service; we treat our customers how we would want to be treated. All Star Electrical