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What do customers say about All Saints Catholic Primary School?

As of Feb 20, 2024, 18 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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All Saints Catholic Primary School's customer reviews analysis

Analysis of the customer feedback for All Saints Catholic Primary School yields a mostly positive reputation with some critical exceptions. A key highlight from the reviews is the school's effective anti-bullying policies and approachability of the head teacher. Several reviews commend the staff for actively involving in keeping pupils safe and addressing concerns relating to bullying effectively. Commendations extend to the dinners prepared by the staff and the well-behaved nature of the children, which seem to contribute to a positive dining environment at the school. Conversely, there are starkly opposing views that mention bullying as a persistent issue that is not adequately addressed, coupled with allegations of the head teacher lying to parents. Such polarized feedback indicates a discrepancy in experiences among stakeholders.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of All Saints Catholic Primary School from customer feedback focus on the commendable handling of student welfare, particularly in terms of anti-bullying measures. Parents and former students have positively noted the effectiveness of the school's policies on bullying, and the proactive steps taken by the staff to ensure a safe environment. The personal approach by the head teacher and the willingness of the staff to engage with parents is frequently mentioned and appreciated. Moreover, there are nostalgic and emotional testimonies from past students who reflect fondly on their time at the school, suggesting a strong emotional connection and a sense of community fostered by the institution. Positive experiences also extend beyond the classroom, with praise for the quality of lunches and the behavior of children.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, All Saints Catholic Primary School faces serious reputational challenges due to accusations of dishonesty by the head teacher and failure to address bullying, according to a minority of reviews. This critical feedback suggests there may be inconsistencies in the application of the school's policies, or a perception of such inconsistencies by a subset of the stakeholders. These negative experiences expressed by some customers could overshadow the school's documented efforts in other areas if not addressed transparently and effectively. Additionally, a review containing a mention of a fake name adds a trivial if not misleading element to the dataset, suggesting a lack of seriousness in some respondents' interactions, which ultimately could detract from the credibility of the feedback.

Frequently asked questions about All Saints Catholic Primary School

What anti-bullying measures does All Saints Catholic Primary School have in place?

According to reviews from parents and students, All Saints Catholic Primary School has an effective anti-bullying policy. The head teacher is noted for being approachable and proactive in addressing bullying issues.

Are parents and guardians allowed to visit and have meals at the school?

Based on the feedback, the school seems to welcome parents and guardians for certain events, such as lunch visits. This is indicative of a community-oriented approach and the involvement of families in school activities.

How does All Saints Catholic Primary School handle feedback from parents and students?

The school appears to actively engage with feedback, particularly with concerns raised by parents related to student welfare, as seen in the efforts to swiftly address bullying incidents. However, there are mixed responses about the efficacy of these measures.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for All Saints Catholic Primary School

All Saints Catholic Primary School
nicholas westhead
6 years ago
my daughter was in this school and i know they have a good effective policy against bullying, you have to work with the teachers, the head teacher is easily approachable and does everything in his power to combat bullying my daughter was bullied for a bit but they got to the bottom of it this school is outstanding they go above and beyond to ensure all their pupils are safe and help in anyway they can whatever the problems at home or in school thanks to all the staff who helped my daughter through her 7 years there it was so much appreciated thank you again. to stamp bullying out you have to communicate with the school with every little incident
All Saints Catholic Primary School
honn aii
6 years ago
i went there and stayed there for 8 years, I love this school. Im in year 7 now and i still cry because i miss this school.. All saints is the best school i've ever been to :')
All Saints Catholic Primary School
Dawn Mcintosh
7 years ago
Had a lovely lunch yesterday all the children where very well behaved thank you to the dinner staff for a dinner and the children in r1 for inviting me x
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