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Published on
January 4, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Abbies Driving School?

Analysis of recent reviews for Abbies Driving School indicates a predominantly positive reputation in terms of customer service, instructor quality, and support in securing test dates. Instructors such as Terry and MR Khan for manual and automatic driving respectively, as well as Stephen, Ibrahim, Abby, Mr. Naseem, Billy, and Hanif, have been praised for their patience, clarity in communication, and ability to provide comfortable and confidence-boosting experiences. Recurring themes in the positive reviews also include first-time pass rates with minimal minors and experiences described as stress-free. Conversely, there is an isolated report of dissatisfaction regarding punctuality and instructional quality, implying a potential area for improvement.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Abbies Driving School is heavily positive, with particular applause for the instructors' interpersonal skills and teaching methodologies. Both manual and automatic driving are covered effectively by different instructors, enhancing the school's versatility. Instructors are consistently characterized as calm and patient, adept at fostering an environment where students feel comfortable and able to progress. The school's additional services, such as assisting in the acquisition of test cancellations, have also been a source of commendation. First-time pass rates, some even with perfect scores, are frequently mentioned, suggesting a high level of effective instruction.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the reviews are positive, Abbies Driving School has received feedback that highlights some negative experiences. Notably, a review mentions poor punctuality and a lack of comprehensive driving education, including the absence of rule explanations, which only covered basic maneuvers without progressing to other aspects of driving. Though these concerns seem limited and might represent isolated incidents rather than widespread issues, they emphasize the importance of instructor consistency and comprehensive educational content.

Frequently asked questions about Abbies Driving School

What kind of driving lessons does Abbies Driving School offer?

Abbies Driving School offers both manual and automatic driving lessons. Their team includes instructors specialized in each transmission type to tailor to different learning needs.

Are instructors at Abbies Driving School experienced in dealing with anxious drivers?

Yes, many reviewers mention that the instructors at Abbies Driving School are patient, clear, and create a comfortable environment that helps alleviate anxiety and build confidence.

How supportive is Abbies Driving School in helping with driving test arrangements?

According to customer feedback, Abbies Driving School is not only proactive in providing quality driving instruction but also provides significant support in securing test dates and assisting with test cancellations.

What are customers saying about Abbies Driving School

Abbies Driving School
Marley Moncrieffe
a week ago
I’ve been learning with Abbies, for three years. I would highly recommend them! Starting of with the great customer service from Leon and the team, to how highly trained their instructors are. Terry is I would recommend if you would like to learn manual and MR khan is also great for Automatic. Not only did they provide great customer service but they also made it stress free for looking for test cancellations. Thank you Leon and Abbie’s Team. I Passed with only 3 minors.
Abbies Driving School
Ruby Joy
a month ago
Stephen was such a great instructor. So calm, patient and clear. He explained things really well and we also had great chats while driving. I passed first time.
Abbies Driving School
Taslima Begum
3 weeks ago
I want to thank Ibrahim, He was the best instructor, I’ve had so many instructors in the past. He was so different to them, so clear, patient, and at ease. He did a terrific job explaining things, and we had some really nice conversations in the car. I had terrible anxiety with cars but he makes you feel so comfortable and confident. I passed with only 4 minors I highly recommend him!
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Established for over 30 years, we are a driving school that serves east London, using only the best driving instructors and always striving to provide first class customer service. Each year we help thousands of people to learn to drive and obtain their full UK driving licence. Our driving centre is open 6 days a week and we welcome all visitors and enquiries.