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Published on
March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

What do customers think about 713 Tattoo Parlour?

Reviews of 713 Tattoo Parlour suggest an overall positive reputation with efficient and welcoming service, particularly noting the skill and professionalism of the artists. Customers frequently praise the cleanliness of the establishment and the attentive care they received during their visits. Two artists, Homer and Reeda, are regularly mentioned for their exceptional work and friendly demeanor. The reviews indicate a sense of satisfaction with the quality of the tattoos and piercings, and staff members are appreciated for their ability to make clients feel comfortable and informed. While positive experiences dominate the testimonials, there are hints of dissatisfaction concerning the customer service, particularly at the front desk, which seems to contrast with the warmth found in interactions with individual artists.

Positive Feedback

Key positives from customer feedback revolve around the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, hygiene standards, and the skill of the tattoo artists and piercers. Highlighted is the rapid service with minimal waiting times, the provision of thorough information about the care of piercings and tattoos, and the quality of the end results. Artists are said to be gentle in their approach and adept at creating a positive atmosphere, which greatly contributes to the comfort of clients undergoing the inherently uncomfortable process of being tattooed or pierced. Overall, reviewers are likely to return and recommend 713 Tattoo Parlour to others, indicative of a high level of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity, a recurring critique relates to the demeanor of the front desk staff, described in certain reviews as impersonal and lacking enthusiasm. Contrastingly, the artists receive glowing remarks for interpersonal skills, implying that the issue may be isolated rather than systemic. There is also a sense of dissatisfaction from customers feeling judged or receiving insufficient information unless prompted, which could signal a need for improvement in proactive communication and customer service training for front-facing staff. This mixed reception, although minor when compared to the positive aspects, could affect the overall customer experience for some.

Frequently asked questions about 713 Tattoo Parlour

What is the minimum cost for a tattoo at 713 Tattoo Parlour, and does it depend on size or time?

The minimum cost for a tattoo at 713 Tattoo Parlour is $100, and this applies regardless of the size and time taken for the tattoo.

How is the hygiene and overall cleanliness maintained at the parlour?

Reviewers consistently mention the high standards of cleanliness at the parlour, noting its hygienic upkeep which is a top priority for both the tattoo and piercing sections.

What should I expect in terms of customer service at the front desk?

While many customers report positive experiences with the service artistically, some have noted a less warm reception from front desk staff. Expect professionalism but be prepared to seek out information regarding care and procedures as it may not be offered unsolicited.

What are customers saying about 713 Tattoo Parlour

713 Tattoo Parlour
Crystal Martinez
5 months ago
I went in on Saturday night at around 10PM and they were fully staffed and ready for whatever I needed. The front desk helped me get the font just right for what I was wanting and didn’t have to wait longer than 15 minutes before I started to get worked on. The waiting area was very eclectic and lots of things to browse and look at while you waited. Everything also looked very clean. I worked with Homer, who was super nice and just who I needed while getting this remembrance tattoo. He finished in about 10-15 minutes and it was perfect. The minimum cost for any tattoo there is $100, regardless of size and time, which I feel like is an industry standard now. Mine was $120. Photo attached is right after it was finished. Can’t wait to see it healed. I would definitely come back here and work with Homer again.
713 Tattoo Parlour
Ali Dailyn
3 months ago
Got matching tattoos with my partner by Reeda in October and cannot recommend her enough. This wasn’t my first time getting tattooed by her so I knew it was going to be special but getting to see her in her home shop & element was extra nice! The shop was so busy but she took the time to draw something we were both psyched on, made us feel super comfortable in her adorable room, and the process couldn’t have been more comfortable, fast, or more special. Go get tattooed by Reeda! She is the most loving and warm person & makes the tattoo process a cake walk!
713 Tattoo Parlour
Christopher Malmevik
4 months ago
It was time to refresh and upgrade the good old piercings. Very professional staff. No wait. Extremely hygienic. And pain free as it was just a jewelry purchase and installation (insertion? Shoved them in?) lol. I kid I kid. I was in and out in about 15 minutes. Pricing extremely reasonable. Highly recommended for the piercing part of the shop. Thank you!
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