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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle has garnered a reputation for providing an enchanting and immersive experience in the realm of magic shows and entertainment. Customer feedback consistently praises the quality of performances featuring charismatic and international magicians. The venue itself adds to the allure, with its intriguing museum filled with historical memorabilia and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The convenience of an in-house bar enhances the overall experience of visitors. However, some feedback points to issues regarding accessibility, particularly for those with mobility challenges. The lack of clear indications for lift usage and operational confusion surrounding the lift's accessibility detract from the venue's hospitality. Additionally, patrons have observed some shortcomings in bar service, including limited drink selections and service inconsistencies. These areas present opportunities for The Magic Circle to refine their offerings and ensure a uniformly positive experience for all guests.

Positive Feedback

Customers express high satisfaction with The Magic Circle's performances, emphasizing the talent and expertise of the magicians. The intimate setting with close-up magic shows is particularly appreciated, creating a unique and personal experience for audience members. The historical aspect of The Magic Circle is also a highlight, with a museum that fascinates enthusiasts and provides context to the performances. The positive ambiance is frequently noted, with a consistent description of the staff as friendly and helpful. Customers often mention that the experience is worth the price of admission, indicating that they receive good value and are likely to return or recommend the venue to others.

Concerns and Threads

Despite widespread praise, The Magic Circle encounters criticism regarding accessibility and bar service. Customers with mobility issues report difficulties navigating the venue, particularly due to an unclearly marked or restricted lift access. This oversight overlooks the needs of guests with disabilities and contrasts with the otherwise inclusive atmosphere. Regarding the bar, there is frustration concerning a limited drink selection and lack of alternatives when items are unavailable. This, coupled with service disarray, suggests opportunities for The Magic Circle to improve in these logistical aspects to complement the high-quality performances and prevent such grievances from diminishing the overall customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about The Magic Circle

Is The Magic Circle suitable for guests with mobility issues?

The venue does have a lift; however, some guests have reported confusion and difficulties regarding its use. It is recommended to contact the venue ahead of time to ensure specific accessibility needs can be accommodated.

What can guests expect at a Magic Circle show?

Guests can enjoy close-up magic performances from top-class international magicians, a historical magic museum, and a comfortable bar area for refreshments. Shows often last around two hours and are filled with engaging acts.

Are food and drinks available at the venue?

Yes, The Magic Circle has a licensed bar where guests can purchase drinks and sometimes snacks. However, options may be limited, so it's advisable to inquire about the menu if you have specific preferences or requirements.

What are customers saying about The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle
Gordon Newlands69
2 weeks ago
Fantastic Christmas show with amazing acts. Interesting museum showing the history of magic. Small licensed bar. Friendly and helpful staff.
The Magic Circle
Ian Winton
a month ago
Great close up magic experience with top class international magicians in an interesting and cool venue - good vibes and a bar too....
The Magic Circle
Thomas Online
5 months ago
Great night, really close up only with 2 rows. Downstairs is the room with the bar. We where late because on Uber there is another “the magic circle” in a park. But they let us in 15 minutes late and had a night full of close up magic and a lot of laughs
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