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Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo?

Upon analyzing the recent reviews of Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo, it becomes apparent that the shop enjoys a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Many customers report feeling at home and appreciated, indicative of a customer-centric approach to service. Frank, mentioned frequently for his expertise, shows a dedication to quality work and versatility, handling various styles with finesse. The healing process of tattoos from this shop seems to be satisfying to customers. The collaborative environment, with staff such as Kelly actively assisting in design decisions, contributes positively to the overall experience. There are, however, concerns about inconsistent pricing, a factor that led at least one customer to seek services elsewhere. Despite this, the feedback depicts a professional establishment with skilled artists delivering commendable artwork and experiences.

Positive Feedback

Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo stands out for its exceptional service and comfortable environment. Several reviews highlight the ability of staff to help clients feel at ease, which is significant in a setting where personal expression is inherently vulnerable. Compliments towards artists like Frank, Charle, Niko, and Jason provide evidence of their artistic ability, attention to detail and willingness to adapt designs to individual preferences. Notable strengths include the artists' versatility and their successful execution of various tattoo styles, from traditional to abstract. The staff's bedside manner is also highly praised, adding to the shop's inviting ambiance. Positive healing outcomes and the mention of 'great vibes' further support the shop's respected stature in the tattoo community.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, some facets of the customer experience at Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo could be a cause for concern. A standout issue is the pricing consistency, where a customer cited a quote substantially higher than expected, driving them to seek services at a sister location. Although not a widespread complaint in the reviews provided, this does indicate potential for pricing-related discontent. This instance may suggest that the shop's value proposition or pricing transparency could be better communicated to avoid future customer dissatisfaction or alienation.

Frequently asked questions about Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo

How do artists at Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo handle design preferences?

The artists work collaboratively with clients to personalize tattoo designs. They are versatile and willing to adapt the artwork to align with the customer's style preferences, ensuring you get a design tailored to your liking.

Can I expect my tattoo to heal well after getting it done at Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo?

According to customer reviews, tattoos done by the artists at Philadelphia Eddie's have healed well, suggesting that you can expect a satisfactory healing process following their aftercare guidelines.

Is the pricing for tattoos at Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo consistent?

While many reviews do not mention issues with pricing, there has been at least one instance of a customer finding the quote to be unexpectedly high. It is advisable to discuss the pricing upfront and, if necessary, compare with other shops to make an informed decision.

What are customers saying about Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo

Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo
lando M
3 months ago
Great place , great vives. The service was amazing , they made me feel right at home. Some other places i have gone they make you feel out of place. Thank you, Charle and Niko, for the great work
Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo
6 months ago
Frank did my first, my most recent, and a few in between. He is a cool guy, is particular about placement and size. He knows his style but will also tackle other images outside of his style too. All have healed well. Service: Tattoos
Philadelphia Eddie'S Tattoo
Ashley Anderson-Murphy
a month ago
Went for a walk-in for some simple line and dot work hand tattoos. Small simple black lines, no color, no shading. After the floor staff person Kelly greeted me, SHE drew, printed, and sized all the stencils. Then brought everything to the artist who was to tattoo me. I was quoted $400 for something that should cost MAYBE half that. Went to their sister shop in Chinatown and was quoted $120, will be going there instead. Totally bizarre, wildly overpriced here.
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Philadelphia Eddies Tattoo ★ A proud tradition since 1952.Crazy Eddie Funk was a legendary tattooer and a fierce friend.Tattooing generation after generation of Philadelphia natives and traveling collectors.We carry on his legacy today with quality tattooing and unmatched customer service.Our crew knows what you want and is ready to give it to you. Custom or Classic.