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As of Feb 11, 2024, 29 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 11, 2024
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Guru Printers's customer reviews analysis

Guru Printers in Los Angeles displays a reputation of reliability, professionalism, and quality as reflected in the latest customer reviews. Recurrent praises revolve around the company's efficient turnaround time and the flexibility to accommodate rush orders, which suggest a high level of customer service and responsiveness. Clients express gratitude for the assistance provided with design queries, suggesting that the service extended goes beyond mere printing to include customer education and support. Moreover, the reviews highlight a trend of customers transitioning to Guru Printers for their consistent and superior print quality, compared to other lower-cost alternatives. This is especially evident from repeat customers who emphasize the valuable trade-off of higher costs for better service and product quality. The consistency of positive feedback regarding detailed and helpful interactions with staff members, as well as the convenience of services like curbside pickup, further reinforce the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Guru Printers garners significant commendations for delivering exceptional customer service, which is a cornerstone of the positive experiences expressed by reviewers. Key facets contributing to their positive image include the willingness to address urgent client needs through rush orders, and the provision of clear and timely communications. The high quality of the end products such as posters, greeting cards, business materials, and stickers is consistently celebrated, with special attention to the accuracy in color reproduction and precision in the final output. Additionally, support for clients new to design and printing is frequently acknowledged, indicating the company's dedication to customer education and guidance. The flexibility of the services offered, like same-day turnaround and curbside pickup, also reinforce the convenience factor that is highly appreciated by the Los Angeles clientele.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming praise, the reviews presented provide little in terms of negative feedback for Guru Printers. However, in the interest of objectivity, it could be pointed out that the quality and premium service come with a price point that may be higher than some competitors, as indicated by reviewers transitioning from cheaper printers. This shift suggests that customers seeking lower-cost solutions may initially overlook Guru Printers due to budget constraints. Also, a single review hinted at a discrepancy between the actual operating hours and those listed on Google, which could lead to potential confusion for customers attempting to visit the store or pick up orders without confirming beforehand.

Frequently asked questions about Guru Printers

Can Guru Printers handle urgent or rush orders?

Yes, Guru Printers is adept at managing rush orders with efficiency. Several reviews mention the company's capability to deliver high-quality products on a tight deadline. Customers recommend discussing specific time constraints with the staff to ensure timely delivery.

Is Guru Printers suitable for customers new to printing and design?

Absolutely. Guru Printers is praised for their patience and willingness to assist clients who are inexperienced in design and printing. They offer guidance throughout the project, making them a great choice for beginners needing extra support.

Does Guru Printers offer services beyond printing?

In addition to printing, customers report that Guru Printers provides excellent customer service, including design advice, product recommendations, and assistance with design-related questions, ensuring a comprehensive support system for all their printing needs.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Guru Printers

Guru Printers
Alan M. Brooks
2 months ago
I highly recommend Guru Printers - Los Angeles. They were very professional and helped me with my rush order. They were so nice and worked with me to get my posters printed on time. They were timely with their responses and described things to me in detail related to my order. I give them a 5 Star rating! If you want great service and a great product please checkout Guru Printers - Los Angeles.
Guru Printers
Amber Pamber
5 months ago
We've used Guru several times (lost count, but it's at least six different projects). They are our GO-TO for last minute projects that need to be excellent. We're phasing out our cheaper printers with cheaper quality for them as we go, because it pays to go with them. Their service is beyond excellent.
Guru Printers
BertaArt Studio Gallery
6 years ago
Very excited to pick up my greeting cards for a special event. They printed them in a timely manner, they are glossy and gorgeous. I am very happy to find a professional company close to my Downtown LA art studio gallery.
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