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What do customers say about Around Town Entertainment?

As of Jan 15, 2024, 74 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Around Town Entertainment's customer reviews analysis

Analysis of customer reviews for Around Town Entertainment reveals a consistently strong reputation characterized by professionalism, responsiveness, and high-quality performances. Customers repeatedly praise the seamless coordination and the ease of working with the company, particularly noting Adam's availability and communication skills. The flexibility in meeting various musical preferences and consistently keeping the dance floor packed exemplify the company's ability to tailor their services to individual events. The lack of criticism in the reviews underscores the seemingly uniform satisfaction among clients, suggesting that Around Town Entertainment is a reliable choice for those seeking an engaging and dynamic musical experience for their events.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Around Town Entertainment focuses primarily on their professionalism, talent, and the ability to energize any event ambiance. Customers highlight the company's responsive communication, specifically Adam's role in ensuring confidence and clarity in the planning process. The customization of musical selections and the band's skill in reading the crowd contribute to an inclusive and vibrant party atmosphere that resonates with guests of varying ages and musical preferences. The non-stop music and ability to create memorable moments for events like weddings are continually emphasized, which attests to the band's understanding of their role in enhancing event experiences.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided for Around Town Entertainment show an absence of negative feedback, which suggests that the company has maintained a high level of customer satisfaction. The lack of critical comments indicates that the areas usually prone to criticism, such as performance quality, professionalism, or client interactions, are being effectively managed by the company. However, one isolated comment does mention the difficulty in finding recent performance videos, indicating a potential area for improvement may lie in providing more up-to-date visual content for prospective clients to reference.

Frequently asked questions about Around Town Entertainment

How responsive is Around Town Entertainment during the planning process?

Around Town Entertainment, and particularly the point of contact Adam, are described as extremely responsive, with reports of emails being answered within minutes. Clients feel confident and well-guided throughout the planning process, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Can Around Town Entertainment accommodate varied musical tastes and preferences?

Yes, Around Town Entertainment is noted for its ability to cater to a wide range of musical preferences, from classic hits to contemporary styles. They customize set lists and work diligently to curate performances that reflect the clients' desires, ensuring a personalized entertainment experience.

Do Around Town Entertainment bands take breaks during an event?

According to the client testimonials, one of the hallmark features of Around Town Entertainment is that their bands perform without taking breaks throughout an event, maintaining a lively and uninterrupted atmosphere that keeps the dance floor active.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Around Town Entertainment

Around Town Entertainment
Deirdre Dwyer
3 months ago
Our wedding was the absolute best day of our lives and Around Town most definitely played a part in that! From the very start, we knew we were working with a well-oiled machine. Adam was extremely communicative often replying to our emails within a matter of minutes. We appreciated the fact that he made us feel extremely confident in our musician selection and always steered us towards what was best for our wedding, never towards the more expensive option. He assured us that a 7-person band would rock out just as much as a 12-person band and boy was he right! Our guests raved about the band the entire night and following days. The team on-site was extremely kind, easy to work with, and SO MUCH FUN. The vocalists were AMAZING and the musicians were SO talented. Our guests were so impressed by the fact that the music was non-stop. Around Town did such an amazing job curating a set lists based on our selections and got the party going in no time. Our dance floor was packed the entire night which is just what we wanted. Our ceremony and cocktail hour music was absolutely perfect and we were so glad to be able to knock out all our musical needs with the same company. Do not hesitate to book Around Town - they are the real deal. So professional, so fun, and SO talented!! Thank you Adam and team - you helped make this the best day of our lives!
Around Town Entertainment
Claire Crowley
a month ago
We initially booked Around Town Entertainment because Adam and Gaby were so professional and responsive and easy to work with. They helped walk us through the options for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, and even got on the phone with me a week before the wedding to finalize how the timeline would work. We booked a pianist for the ceremony, who did an amazing job and was able to learn a song that my sister sang during the ceremony. We had a jazz trio for cocktail hour which was great. It was a cherry on top that the night of our wedding, Authority Band blew everyone away! We booked a 9 piece band with 3 extra brass (sax, trumpet, trombone). The band catered to every request we gave them beforehand, as well as totally understood the musical vibe we were going for just from us highlighting songs we liked in their repertoire. We loved that they had such a broad range of songs, and it was incredible to have a live band that could play David Bowie, Madonna, Jackson 5, Blink182, Harry Styles, Robyn, Earth Wind & Fire in the same night. Every guest of all age ranges (19 to 60+) were out on the dance floor the whole night. Also super impressive that they do not take any breaks all night - the dance floor was always full which was super important to us. We loved every minute of our wedding and having the perfect band made it even better!
Around Town Entertainment
Jacob Rheinstein
a month ago
Our highest possible praise for Around Town band. Our venue and Adam of Around Town collaborated perfectly to ensure setup was quick and efficient and that our preferences (of which there were a few) were honored. Adam checked in with us the day of the wedding to confirm details and he MC'd beautifully. The performance itself was outstanding. So many people came up to us during our wedding and after to tell us how incredible the band was. We had a nine piece band and they did a phenomenal job of having someone play music the whole time. For the vocalists and band to play what felt like the entire time was so impressive and appreciated. We can't speak highly enough! 5 stars.
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