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January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Radaris?

The reviews regarding Radaris reveal a decidedly mixed company reputation with distinct polarities in customer experience. A significant portion of the feedback is highly critical, exposing concerns about deceptive business practices such as misleading interfaces that suggest active processing and an eventual paywall, tarnishing user confidence. Furthermore, accusations against individuals associated with Radaris, including claims of involvement in scamming activities and privacy violations, amplify the negative perception. Despite this, there are customers who express satisfaction with the service, citing its usefulness in accessing personal risk management tools, discovering family history, and aiding in professional decision-making. Issues including incorrect information and outdated data are highlighted, with some customers showing understanding due to reliance on public sources. Discontent with the opt-out process is also common, suggesting a potential disregard for user privacy and consent. Overall, the prevailing customer sentiment appears to be one of concern and distrust, punctuated by pockets of positive experiences that derive from the functional aspects of the service when accurate and relevant information is provided.

Positive Feedback

Amidst the criticism, some customers acknowledge Radaris for its utility in various contexts. Positive feedback includes the ability to find information about relatives, friends, and ancestors, with one user able to trace their family history back five generations. Additionally, users appreciate the convenience offered by the service, specifically mentioning features such as the 'People You May Know' algorithm that helped them reconnect with long-lost acquaintances. Moreover, there are accounts of Radaris functioning effectively as a personal risk management tool, boosting personal safety, and offering contact info verification to mitigate missed crucial calls and deter potential fraud. Entrepreneurs find value in using the service for background checks on potential hires, stating that it facilitates more informed business decisions. These aspects reflect the service's potential in delivering useful information and aiding users in maintaining personal and professional vigilance.

Concerns and Threads

Several reviews of Radaris highlight daunting negative aspects, suggesting a trend of dissatisfaction among users. One pervasive issue is the experience of misleading user interfaces that imply active processing, only to culminate in a paywall, a practice that consumers describe as a 'scam' and 'despicable'. Furthermore, allegations of personal data misuse and connections to individuals involved in questionable activities cast a dark shadow on the company's reputation. Privacy concerns are a recurrent theme, with users frustrated by the inaccuracy of personal data, association with unknown individuals, or exposure of sensitive information such as residential addresses. The opt-out process is criticized for its lack of transparency and for seemingly contravening consumer privacy rights, as users are required to register in order to opt out, thereby potentially compromising their privacy further. These factors project an image of a company that prioritizes profit over privacy, undermining the trust and security of its customers.

Frequently asked questions about Radaris

How can I be confident that Radaris provides accurate information?

Radaris claims to aggregate data from open sources, which can sometimes result in incorrect or outdated information. The company acknowledges that updates occur annually, which could lead to disrepancies. Users should be aware that while Radaris can be a starting point for information gathering, independent verification may be necessary for accuracy.

Is there a way to opt out of Radaris without providing additional personal information?

The current process to opt out of Radaris requires users to register, which some users are uncomfortable with. While this is the official protocol, users who wish to protect their privacy further might want to reach out directly to Radaris customer support for alternative options.

Can Radaris be used as a reliable tool for background checks in professional settings?

Some users report that Radaris has been helpful for conducting preliminary background checks and making informed decisions regarding potential hires or business partners. However, given concerns about data accuracy, it's advisable to use Radaris in conjunction with other thorough and reliable vetting processes.

What are customers saying about Radaris

2024-01-05 08:10:26 +00:00
Same story as most all the other 'background check' sites. Total scam, makes you wait a good 8 minutes while it shows you fake loading screen after loading screen and then after all that locks the data behind a pay wall. Despicable business model, repugnant.
2024-01-09 19:40:51 +00:00
Gary Norden is the alias for Gary Lubarsky aka (Igor Lubarsky) Igor Lybarsky of Norden Consulting, 31 HUNTING LANE LLC, NETSTAR CONSULTING INC, FIVE HILLS, LLC, FIVE ROCKS, LLC, 41 NORTH MAIN LLC, Barsky Realty Trust, Bitseller Expert Limited, etc. He is a Russian located in Sherborn, MA. He is not well liked by the local community or by the people who have had their personal information exposed as a result of Radaris.com, Trustoria, Homemetry, comfi.com, and etc.  A well written article on Medium.com exposes a reason in part of how shady this man is. His brother Dmitry Lubarsky of Greenwood Estate Realty Trust is also involved in the scamming shenanigans. According to BBB He is listed as Manager at Comfi.com Dmitry Lubarksy is located in Norfolk County, MA. In 2013 Dimitri did not want to pay a mechanic who dug a well on the property and owed him more than 10k. So the mechanic had to place a lien against him in small claims court. Tatyana Miller aka Tanya Miller aka Tatyana Khudyakova  of South Middlesex County is also listed as a Finance Manager. Yeah right. Managing finance scams that's what!  If you go to Masslandrecords.com and search the counties Middlesex South, Norfolk, Suffolk you can find their housing information.  Igor Lybarsky is also connected to Slava Dolghy Veacheslav Dolghii of SD Construction & Development In order to avoid being persecuted by American laws Igor Lybarsky offshores the companies and lawyers to places like the British Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, Cyprus and Latvia. The main company that they created is called Bitseller Expert Limited which runs 36 different websites. Bitseller Expert Limited then opens a whole bunch of small companies or ltd's that manage the different websites. It's literally a whole ring of scummy Russians using calling card and information scams to buy and fund their expensive lifestyles here in the United States with the information of hard working Americans who are trying to get by on a daily basis. They literally own many properties that cost 500k+ easily. These people are laundering money and doing a lot of illegal things. Igor Lybarsky, Dmitry Lybarsky and Tatyana Miller aka Tanya Miller aka Tatyana Khudyakova are absolutely deplorable. All these Jews are going to hell if they don't repent and turn their life to Christ and stop scamming and stealing from people!
Jacob J Bach
2023-12-29 14:30:17 +00:00
With this service I can easily find almost any information: about parents, friends, classmates. But sometimes I don't get all the data, but what I have is enough for me.
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